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Suggestion : small things


Stratics Veteran
Hi all ,

i have just 2 things that weird that happen , yeah they are small but well the small details make the picture good.
If someone wanna add other things that they have in their mind go for it , could be a good threat to concentrate all the small things.

1. Weird but there isn't an exit button at the start screen when you log in , yep something small that can be ignore but can be annoyed.

2. Chat: that its to mobile , like if you could "lock it" so when you press Esc it also close the chat and it's annoying some times ..

3. Maybe it will be in the future but still could mention it , Hud optimize , like the size , where it will be even the look of it !

4. Add attachments to the map , like to put a note in the map that it looks like a dot , and you can write there maybe a spot for a npc , entrance of a dungeon or even to farm some type of supply .

5. When buying a stack of stuff , it doesn't say the sum of how much will cost , so it will be nice that the sum pop , not fun do math all the time :p

well that's all , thanks for reading !
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Stratics Veteran
Adding onto your post about little things:

How come there is no militia patrolling around? No town guard stationed at exits or anything.
This feels a little more urgent in Eltibule as compared to Serbule due to the proximity of Orcs to the two keeps. The city feels a little empty right now.

And why does Fainor in Serbule not sell any simple foods? He's an inn owner and you're trying to make it so food is more useful. He should sell simple prepared foods for consumption by newer or lazy players.