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(Player Event) Strange Sightings 【Part IV】


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Something strange is afoot IV

The mystery seems to be at an end! While I was snooping around the plot today, the goblins seem to be a lot more excited and were working harder than they had before. And as I was moving in closer to see what has changed, I spotted a figure I've not seen thus far. Before I could get a better look at who this might be, I was revealed!

Fearing for my life I made a mad dash for the guards of Luna but as I was making my way past the Genesis Archives' Shop, I heard the words "In Zu". And a cloak of darkness consumed me.

When I came to, I was back in the old windmill. Across me sat the mysterious figure I glimpsed before I was revealed. As she lifted the hood that covered her face, what I beheld sent shivers down my spine. She was a dream wraith! Fearing for my life I remained silent and waited for her to speak first.

After what seemed like an eternity, she finally spoke. "Are you hurt?" she said. And as she spoke, I felt a sense of puzzlement as in front of my very eyes was a dream wraith but I slowly realized she was speaking in a pixie dialect of the common tongue! How was this possible since dream wraiths do not speak any language but their own?

I steeled myself and began explaining to her that I am merely investigating the strange happenings in our fair city and did not mean to trespass on her property. She smiled and said: " I mean you no harm please believe me."

Despite what I saw before me, I believed her. I could not sense any malice in her but a feeling of great sorrow. And so I nodded and allowed her continue.

She began by apologizing for putting me to sleep, but she was fearful I might bring the city guard with me should I make my escape without having a chance to explain her presence in our fair city.

She began her tale.

"For many moons, I have roamed the Stygian Abyss a mindless soul, not knowing who I was or where I was. Everything in my past seemed to have been erased from my very mind. But as time went on, bits and pieces began coming back to me.

It was not until I happened upon the Silver Sapling that it all came back to me. Seeing this sacred tree of my people, everything came flooding back to me!

I am the Pixie Queen from another world that is not dissimilar to your own. We were a happy and peaceful people. But alas, my sisters grew tired and jealous of my reign and no longer wanted to play second fiddle to me, though I never saw them as anything but my equals. And so they tricked me into drinking a powerful potion that turned me into a dream wraith and banished me from our world.

As I searched for a way to return to my world, I came across my two new friends. I found them both badly wounded just as I was finishing my climb from the Stygian Abyss to the Underworld. I took care of them the best I could with whatever I had at hand and slowly they began to recover. I asked why they were fighting and neither of them could tell me.

They vowed to help me regain my throne.

Many moons passed us by while we scoured the world for a way back home. Finally we happened across Grizelda the Hag! She claimed she knew of an ancient rite that could send me back to my world and return me to my former self, but it would require many items. Most are ancient relics that would not be cheap to acquire, while others were more readily obtainable.

And so my goblin friends and I parted ways. I went in search of the items that I could harvest on my own while they came to the fair city of Luna to prepare a place where I can rest my weary body and sell what I can to raise the funds required for the rite to be performed.

I mean the people of this world no harm and wish we can get along.

All would-be friends are welcomed to visit two days before all hallow's eve. Please bring tales of this world or any tales you wish to share to me then. But please come in costumes other than yourselves as my goblin friends do not like having humans, elves nor gargoyles around them. I have also prepared small gifts that I hope will please you all."

As she finished her tale, a bitter-sweet smile crept over her face. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

The mystery has finally been unraveled. But there is none of the joy that I have experienced from solving mysteries in the past. Perhaps there is more I can do.


奇怪的現象 【Part IV】


當時我慌張了但為了我生命的安危我就賣命的往城鎮的守衛區奔跑,不幸的,還沒經過我們新月的復活師之前就聽到了一句 "In Zu"...接著一片黑空畫面把我吞入.


時間感覺過了一輩子她才開口問了我一句 "你有受傷嗎?".當她問了我這句話我又感到困惑,因為在我面前的是一個夢幽靈,她們只會講人聽不懂的幽靈語,但她卻講的語言是跟人們互通小精靈語.這是不可能的我心裡想著.