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"Souls of Avarice" (Inactive RP Storyline)

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
...From well beyond the grave

The last coherent memory the man has is a late night of women, celebration, gambling and drinking. I can't believe I lost everything on that stupid dog fight. That dog had it coming... wait, is that all? What is my name? Where am I? Why can't I see? OH NO AM I BLIND?! Wait, what is that smell? Is that something burning... The man can feel the heat of a thousand ovens beneath him, yet he feels no pain. He lies prone on a red hot slab of blackrock, what you or I would recognize as a Rift Pillar, only this one has been heated by some unknown means. He can feel the charring of his own skin, yet it seems to him that it belongs to another man.

Why can't I remember... MANNON! a voice speaks in his mind. Is that my name? No, It can't be. MANNON! LISTEN TO ME, BOY. I AM YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO AVENGE... WHO ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME THAT?! STOP YOUR INCESSANT WHINING AND LISTEN. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED... REMEMBER! The man stirs and whimpers, fighting against the horror he wishes to forget. Please not again. I don't want to relive the pain... Suddenly like an avalance the memories return.. THAT IS RIGHT MANNON, IT IS AS MUCH YOUR FAULT AS IT IS THEIRS. YOU KNEW BLACKROCK WAS NOT OF THIS WORLD. AND YET YOU SOLD IT OFF AS QUICKLY AS THOSE POOR FOOLS COULD MINE IT UP. HOW MANY OF THOSE MINERS SURVIVED? How was I supposed to know what it was? What it could do? The man screams and his screams are swallowed by the void. IT IS TOO LATE NOW. DO YOU WISH TO SEEK REVENGE OR BURN IN HELL?!

An overwhelming sense of sickness and fear strikes him. The man remembers it all now. That night, he sold off tons of blackrock to some crazy men who could hardly speak English. He knew something wasn't right, but his drinking habit always gets the best of him. After the dog fight, and losing his whole bank box, he killed his own dog out of anger. Soon after, the whole city lit up in flames as if hell itself was unleashed. All he could remember was the demons, fire, screams for help, blood, and death.. And of course.. His own death..

Did I cause this? Was this all my fault? No... It couldn't be... My name... was...
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Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Mortals Greed Of Times Past

Mortals Greed Of Times Past

While the Blue Light Tavern was being striped down a unknown creature
appeared before Tiger Lily, Gunga Din and Gareth. They appeared to not
be of the living or of the dead. the creatures did appear to be in pain and
a little on the insane side. hearing voices and talking to themselves.

Gareth demanded they state their intentions. The response
they gave was not one that was expected.

"To destroy all of Britannia! Just like YOU MORTALS destroyed Magincia!"

Tiger Lily took a protective stance. Gunga Din quietly slipped out the area.
Gareth looked the two creatures over and then responded.
"And you plan to do this with what army?"
A little humor could be heard in his voice. Tiger
Lily could hardly contain herself.

The creatures did not seem very amused by this disrespectful tone. They
went on to explain to the naive mortals. "With all of your greedy mortal
souls... Greed destroyed us, it will devour all of you! Soon.... soon"

Tiger Lily and Gareth turned to each other. They began to make wise
cracks about the creature. Comments such as I fear not, calling them
weak and a very minimum threat to the area. Before they knew it the
creatures were casting spells and summoning minions to them.

A grave error in judgment Tiger Lily and Gareth made for now they have
found themselves faced with creatures more powerful then the two of
them combined. Gareth quickly thumbed through the pages of the Book
of Wrong. He made a gesture to Tiger Lily who quickly took cover. His eyes
turned black and rolled upwards. His arms reaching out towards the Well
Of Souls. As he chanted his physical being began to mutate.

Gareth was rather impressed with himself. Being able to achieve the
summoning spell. However his magic was rendered useless against
the creatures. The Harbinger would not touch these unknown creatures.
It refused to fight. How could such a powerful spell prove to be
ineffective towards them?

The corrupted soul seemed amused at Gareths lack of knowledge. After
the Harbinger made its way South the corrupted soul informed Gareth.
"That being is from the ether, as we are...

The book of Wrong and The Well of Souls creatures all proved useless in
this confrontation. Was only one other option... flee from the creatures
and prepare new tactics for defense. How to flee without being injured
was the question. Tiger Lily and Gareth were lucky that the shrouded
Inhabitants of the area came to investigate and distract the creatures
long enough for them to withdraw to a safer area.

The shrouded Inhabitants found that these creatures has little to no use for
them. Even as they tried to make profit on black rock. The creatures left
the area but not before saying one last thing.

(OOC Note: The SOUL group is not run by Kijustsu Anei. We do not even
know who the people are behind the characters. Little is known about
them in character and out of character. We look forward to future
interaction with them.)

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

A concerned look darkened the face of the Kijustsu Anei Village Intendant, Luna Rossa, when she heard the report from the previous evening. The blackrock explosion that occurred right next to the PaxOku house and soclose to the Well of Souls could have grave consequences. Quickly she took quill to parchment to dispatch the Township Emissary to PaxOku.

For immediate action.
Miss Watson
Please contact the emissary or leader of PaxOku that a large blackrock explosion occurred near the Well of Souls last evening and that we will be dispatching someone to go down and inspect it.

Luna Rossa​

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Explosions In The Night

Explosions In The Night

Late last night in Kijustsu Anei Mammon constructed an altar next to the
Kijustsu Anei Village banner. The hunting party from the Savage
Sponsored hunt gathered to learn more about this creature. Mammon
stood in the middle of the altar which appeared to be made out of Greed.

Those who were at the area speculated that the Scroll and Skull stood for
the greed of the Felucca guilds. The gold could be interpreted as the
greed of the Trammel guilds. The cloak of corruption relating to Magincia
and the blue sword the unrest of of those in the Underworld located in Ter
Mur. As they gazed upon the riches of this altar geed began to set in.
Some thought of how they could sell the items lay before them to make a profit.

As they examined the altar more they noticed Mammon had setup some blackrock
around the altar. Before they knew it the blackrock exploded shaking the ground.

Worry has set in around the village that this may have caused damage to
the well of souls which runs below the area. The well of souls is lined with
blackrock and could now have unseen damage. Village Intendant Luna
Rossa has been contacted about the situation. We await official word.

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
If they are going to send ants

The elf looked into his study and stretched his palm expectantly. A pixie, one of many at his command, retrieved a book from the shelf and gave it to her master.

Hrmph, the elven scholar mumbled aloud as he flipped through the pages. The humans have been trading blackrock in Magincia. Do those short-lived half-wits not realize that they lack the mental capacity to deal with such a dangerous and unearthly mineral? He detested humans, but above all he pitied them, for they did not understand the world as he did. By involving themselves with blackrock, the humans were endangering themselves and more importantly the world of Sosaria itself. I'll go to Magincia and tell those imbeciles to leave the study of blackrock to the races with brains. Or better yet, just leave it to me. The pixies draped the elf's cloak over his shoulders, and he left for his destination.


Fire singed the fingertips of the elf as blood trickled from his mouth. What happened....? I don't remember. His famed mind struggled to find an answer for the first time he could remember. They refused to listen to you. They ignored your warnings. They ignored their better. A voice not his own responded to his query. Who are you? The elf could see no one, but he already knew he wouldn't, for the voice was inside of his mind. You tried to reason with them, but they are as insects. One does not reason with ants; they are to be crushed beneath the feet of their superiors.

The voice spoke the truth...the elf was superior to the humans. He was the only one who had been right about the blackrock, and they refused to listen. But now, it was too late. I remember now, he muttered, his scorched face furrowing into a scowl. The blackrock exploded, and I was caught in the blast. To think that my life would be ended by the greed of these insects..... It need not. Take my power, the voice said, and use it to exact your revenge. Unimaginable strength will be yours. You will have allies, strong as the mightiest of dragons. You will feel no pain, and know no rest until Sosaria lies in ruins.


Barragan Onryo looked up from his reminiscing and glanced around. His comrades were to either side of him, staring down the resistance of Kijustsu Anei. This is who they send to oppose us? Barragan mused to himself, scornful of the soldiers that protect the town.

He knew that the moon of Trammel offered them some protection, but he didn't care. If they were to follow him to the Onryo's resting place under the moon of Felucca, they would surely be killed, with their belongings rotting on their bodies as a testament to their greed.

If they are going to send ants to guard this town, I will send dragons to crush them. I will walk through this town on a road drenched with blood. Before this is over, humans, you will all know that I am your master.
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Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Relay a message to the other ants.

I, Barragan Onyro, leader of the Souls of Avarice, have a
message for you to relay to your community of insects.

Try to stop us, ants.

We will continue to make our attacks on your village, because we
know that you will be too afraid to pursue us. If you do decide to
grow a spine and start challenging us through the red gates, then
we welcome you to try.

Know that the Souls of Avarice were born of greed, and do not care
for your worldly items. If you fall in battle, your belongings will not
be claimed by us as spoils of war.

Hmrph. You are all so weak and cowardly that I don't even have to
hide the fact that our protection does not cover all of our equipment.
Your community won't be able to take advantage of the fact that
each one of us would drop an extremely powerful piece of gear on
our corpse.

Go, tell them. They'll stand by as their shrines burn in the wildfires
we create, and the Well of Souls detonates and reduces their
village to rubble like Magincia!