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Sosarian Empire Fall Festival this Saturday 11/30 @ 7:30pm EST

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Lady Khaleesi

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Come join the Sosarian Empire’s Fall Festival! Saturday, November 30th at the Sosarian Empire Event Center @ 7:30pm EST. The runes will be left at banks and as well as invitations personally handed out.
The Fall Festival will comprise of many fun events!

The Event will start at 7:30pm EST with a Meet and Greet in the lounge area at the Sosarian Empire Event Center! We will start the Creative Fall Fashion costume contest. Bring your most Fall imaginative outfits or dress up in a holiday theme. There will be a 1st , 2nd and 3rd prizes ! There will be three judges calculating the scores!!

After the Contest, we shall open the Virtue Land game! There will be a sign up sheet for contestants in the lounge area at the beginning of the event. This game will be limited to a certain amount due to the time constraints of the other events to follow. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be given as well as Corinthiain’s creative mastermind boons.

The Falling Fortress of the Malas will follow the festivities with a visit to their exquisite maze! Who will be able to find their way through, it will be interesting to watch!!! After the maze inspires your mind and whets your appetite, the event area will open the dining hall with a feast meant for a king! There will be a stage for those who wish to share a story, song, or poem. Perhaps you’d like to share what you are thankful for! We welcome you to share in food, drink and thought!!!!

Trinsic has a surpthroughout the week so please keep watchrise for us and knowing them, it will be spectacular! We will fill in the blanks on some of the details ! Due to the arrest of Lew and impending trail, Trinsic will have to cancel their part of the event until another time

The Grand Finale will be orchestrated in the Chicken Fight Arena! There are two scenarios, you may train your own chicken and join an event guild to challenge another, or you maybe get a battle chicken from the ever purring Fire Kitten, pit mistress of Golden Fang. She will be offering her services for the evening. You will be given the choice to name the battle chicken but it will remain in her capable paws. There will be a series of rounds that will bring us to the “Last Battle Chicken Standing.” A trophy and prize will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Runes and invitations will be handing out periodically this week!! We hope you can join us and celebrate the holiday season with us.
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