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Sosaria and the Geographical Limit of the Britannian Kingdom


Babbling Loonie
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With the announcement of the High Council, there seems to be some ...confusion at all levels regarding what is and isn't Britannia.

So allow me to enlighten.

The World

The world itself is called Sosaria. It is a massive world, much larger than what we've seen, encompassing the realms of the New Britannia (Trammel), Ambrosia (Lost Lands), the Land of Feudal Lords (Tokuno Isles), and Ilshenar. Ter Mur is implied to be another world. Malas sits amidst the Ethereal Void - the source of all Arcane Power - or Space, depending on the interpreter.

Felucca. The location of Old Britannia. It was the continent Cantabrigian British and his cohorts, the Knighthood of the Silver Serpent, carved out after the defeat of Mondain. (It should be noted that there is also a Feluccan Ilshenar and Feluccan Zento, but we don't have contact with them.)

In the final hours of the Second War of Darkness, Cantabrigian chose to abandon this corrupted world - or so goes the fiction - to the Dark Queen and retreat en masse to Trammel, erecting a barrier of Divine Power. Thus New Britannia was born.

Felucca, the Old World

Felucca is no longer Britannia. What was Old Britannia has descended into Civil War, divided between Four Factions, and a number of other, smaller entities.

While New Britannia might not have officially relinquished control of Old Britannia, it has no power there. Its sole holds are Castle Britannia, and the Keeps of a few Barons who still hold out against the Dark Queen. Minax controls much of the Continent, as per current faction politics, with the International Corporation, Spawners Inc., and the Cartel controlling most trade routes. The Kingdom of Dawn has carved out a place for itself in the North, being in effect a neutral, Fifth Political Faction, and a haven for all those unwelcome in modern Britannia.

Lord Dupre sits on the throne of the Feluccan Castle Britannia, according to UO:LBR Lore. He is the single most powerful figure in New Britannia, though he would be subject to the impending High Council.

House Zanthes and the Drow control the Southern Isles. The Cartel controls Horseshoe Isle and the area around it. Prince Riain of Dawn bears some nominal influence in Occlo, his mother having been born there.

Trammel and New Britannia

New Britannia compromises much of Trammel. But not all of Trammel. As per the lore associated with Anon, Magincia broke from Britannia after the disappearance of British, though Britannia did not recognize their independence, and reestablished control when Anon and the Senate were killed during the Magincian Invasion. (Compare to the rivals, Rome and Carthage.) Britannia controls Britain, Cove, Vesper, Minoc, Yew, Skara Brae, Trinsic, J'helom, Serpents Hold, and Moonglow. Trinsic is under the nominal influence of House Faeryn on Baja.

Pirates control Marble Isle, Buccaneers Den and the Southern Isles. The Townships of Berg, Heavens Forge, Golden and Fernwood claim allegiance to the Britannian Throne, as per previous statements made IC.

Nujel'm possesses a Sultan - or so I have been told - who owes his allegiance to Britannia and the High Council. Vassalage. Heartwood also owes its allegiance to Britannia, solidified with the ascension of Casca Elvenking.

The Others

Papua and Delucia are Independent Entities. Queen Dawn announced this to Zhah, her reason for not interfering in the Third Ophidian War.

Luna and Umbra are Independent Entities. House Lagudae - I believe - claims allegiance to the Merchants Council of Luna. House Seiren claims allegiance to the Necrarchs of Umbra. Luna has some nominal ties to both the Paladins of Trinsic and the Council of Mages, as per pre-EM Baja Fiction and current Hearthfire Haven Fiction. It is, however, independent of both, concerned more with Minotaurs, Necromancers and Trade than with Britannian and Feluccan Politics.

Ter Mur is the domain of Queen Zhah, though up and coming fiction implies the political situation is much more fragile than that.

The Tokuno Isles are divided between the Empire of Zento, controlled by the Empress of the Hidden Isles, and the Hanzagiri Clan, who controls Homare-Jima. The Covenant of the Dark Moon claims allegiance to the Empress. Britannia holds the most significant foreign influence here.

Ilshenar is divided between the Meer (Lakeshire), Ver Lor Reg and the Legions of Exodus.