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Sonoma Soulstone Recovery

Miri of Sonoma

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

The Sonoma Soulstone Rooftop Garden is finally finished and open for soulstone recovery. My apologies for taking so long. The house is located in Tokuno, Makoto-Jima (coordinates 29/59N 35/5W).

Here's how it will work:

- All the soulstones are located on the roof (teleporter is by the bulletin board) either locked down on display or locked down in boxes. All have been set for anyone to access.

- The stones are arranged in categories:
1) full stones that are named, full stones with skill but no name, full stones with neither a name nor skill (these are arranged by colour-green, red, blue).
2) Fragments that are named and fragments with skill but no name

- Search for your soulstone by double clicking the soulstone. If it is not yours, you will receive this message "This is an Account Bound Soulstone, and your character is not bound to it. You cannot use this Soulstone."
- If the soulstone is yours, you will receive this message "In order to use your Soulstone you must be in a safe log-out location". The Soulstone Keeper will then friend you to the house and ask that you use the soulstone(s). So be prepared with a character that can either put a skill on it or remove a skill whichever is appropriate.

Should you find your soulstone, you can message Miri of Sonoma on Sonoma, Stratics OR Fen on Sonoma, UO forums. You can also try general chat or leave a message on the bulletin board but that might take a little longer. NOTE: A few years ago, someone said that a GM retrieved her soulstone from the house but I cannot confirm that this is true.

Strength and Honour,
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Queen Mum

Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Will put a rune to the Sonoma Soulstone Rooftop Garden on the steps of Sonoma Community Library in Luna.
Really glad to see you are handling the lost and lonely soul stones again.
*cookie hugs*


Nice to meet you! I noticed this article thanks to the runes posted in the post.
After checking, I found that Full Stone x7 and Flagment x12 were protected.

I felt nostalgia and excitement when I was investigating.
When I think about it, at the time of 3.11 earthquake (I'm Japanese), billing stopped and I lost my house.

How should I receive these from now on?
I will try to match Miri as much as possible.

Finally, I am deeply grateful for launching such a wonderful project.
Thank you very much.


Grand Inquisitor
Stratics Veteran
It is sad that Broadsword (Mesanna) would not help with this. Miri almost lost all of those stones when, at first they were going to help, but later changed their mind.


Stratics Veteran
Someone gave me a soulstone that they were saving for me.
It was in my keep when it fell in 2012 or 2013. (they were the neighbor there)
I right away thought it must have been in the chest that i was saving for the
previous owner, who was my friend at the time, but later became my husband.
He checked all of his accounts and it's not his. And he says that it must be from an
IDOC from whoever lived there before him.

So I need to turn in this soulstone to you...
but you have no mailbox on the roof