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Solved. Let the robbery commence.


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Nice ideas here. I borrowed from a few of you and came up with:

120 Stealing
120 Stealth
100 Hiding
100 Music
100 Provo
100 Lockpicking
100 Alchemy
24 Magery (For use of 6th level scrolls and below)

Shadow Dancer's Leggings, Cloak of Silence, Burglar's Bandana (would like the Steal/Stealth MoT better, but nbd).
Just enough Magery to use Mark scrolls for when I find a cool spot, or have to gtfo pronto, but want to come back.
I have a 120 mage, Gm scribe, can crank out recall charged books as needed.

My goals are to have fun stealthing around dungeons, steal PvM, maybe some Lootable arties. I really liked the idea of Provoking two beasties on each other and stealing from both of them. That being said, please advise on:
  • Having 0 offense makes me nervous, but, I don't expect to need any
  • No idea how to set up stats out of 260 STR/INT/DEX, or what to put on the suit... seems I would go just like a mage luck suit, but not worry about resist or FC/FCR as much?
  • I think no Focus or Med is ok, since I don't plan on engaging mobs for very long, can it work with high MR?
  • If I drop the Music/Provo idea, what could squeeze in there to finish off monsters I steal from. Ninjitsu and ?


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
I must have made up this template when I was too tired to think clearly. I've got this thief like object, that wants to
  • Loot rares in dungeons, pick chests in same(unless thats really lame loot. I put LP on him for RP purposes, he opens them for my Thunter, and anyone else)
  • Steal from Monsters, and at least for some of them be able to kill them with a luck suit, perhaps getting decent items from time to time, or at least more gold.
I ended up with where he is now: (Shadow Dancer Legs, Burglar's, Cloak of Silence)
  • 120 Stealth 90 real + legs, bandanna, Cloak *should I drop Stealth to 80 real, or just get rid of cloak of silence ?
  • 120 Stealing 90 real (see above)
  • 100 Hiding real
  • 100 Swordsmanship real
  • 100 Lockpicking real
  • 90 Ninjitsu real
  • 90 Alchemy real
  • 40 Magery
I had imagined he would heal with potions and EP + 100 Alchemy, and when I get Ninjitsu to 100 and Alch to 100, that is 720. My mistake, was I misunderstood things I read, I did not realize I needed tactics to use the non-stealth related specials. I stole Swords from an alt, since I saw I could Shadowstrike with a Two-Handed Axe. (I made him one with Balanced so I can pot w/o dropping). I realize I have to drop to steal. Nbd. I also considered I can add Magery w jewels, so he can recall around and maybe even In Vas Mani in a pinch w no fizzles. Egg Bombs, Potions, and Scrolls to invis in a pinch. I can also just give him a runebook loaded with recharges, and he can carry a small stack of scrolls. Only needs 24 Magery for that, and no LRC on suit.

Yeah... I completely brain farted and forgot about regen. I have some Necro and SS stoned off, but I have never used those for melee or even leeching. Just worked them up to add to my mage, and took them off since I did not use much. Got my mind going in 2 directions figuring out another character. If I drop Alchemy for regen, then I am lacking for heals. Or, given his specific job descr, can he get away with little to no regen, since battles should be short and fast ? For instance if I saw a group of 4 mobs I would just pass, or accept it would take a very long time to clear them.

How do I turn this guy into a Rares/Dungeon looter, that gets to keep lockpicking, and can kill some mobs w/o eating dirt ? If the answer is, I can't, not w/o dropping lockpicking, then I guess I would have to consider stoning it off. It just seems useful to have poking about a dungeon.

Ah, well I can stack HML and HLL on weapon. I run w 0 focus and 0 med on Loren and do just fine, but he does not use that much...

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Caor Reod

Why waste points on swordmanship? You could take 100 magery and use mage weapons instead.. and JoAT snooping?