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Sigil crafting


Stratics Veteran
So I've recently taken up sigil crafting and want to open this thread up for some feedback. I'm submitting this from the view point of 25 or so levels in.

Starting off I believe the that sigil crafting should be given the full combat style treatment. Rune / sigil caster or trap master is not a foreign rpg concept and I think it would be appropriate to have it fully embraced as a combat style complete with gear mods and access to the combat skill bar. Secondly it may prove to powerful later on to not be limited to a combat bar ( later on this). Lastly it is a fairly expensive style that while easy to level is a pretty big sink on gold even for an hour of play.

Now to address the skills starting with skill scaling in general and individual skills.

Sigils look to get extreme large power jump between level of skill purchased. My starting explosive sigil went form doing 20 damage ( useless at the level obtained in almost all content) and then jumped about 5x damage on the next tier. Still weak damage but the growth seems pretty unbalanced if these skills are going to have any longevity in the future instead of speeding by them.

Explosive sigil is fairly weak, is crippled by a one use explosion and is only semi responsive.

Electricity sigil is not only very weak and small for an aoe but also very very bad at triggering with enemies running overtop of it. Again it is only one use.

Acid sigil does poor armor damage ( 1 a second) but may prove useful at higher upgrades but only when stacked.

Healing rune has the potential to become to strong as it heals 45 hp every 3 seconds at level 1 when stacked. This goes with all the other Heal over time and direct healing from other combat lines. This could snowball into the same problem healing golems were (are?) causing.

To stream line the runes and help pull back cost I think the sigils should be persistent pulsing traps like acid sigil that pulse in an AOE every 3 seconds, or at the very least to give some type of differentiation have one drain armor, another health and another power. Honestly anything along those lines as long at I'm not throwing away 600-1k gold a fight. Maybe even a persistent pulse for acid and electric and explosion gets a persistent effect that isn't damage based.