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Show Off Your LOTRO Characters with New Graphical Signatures!


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Turbine, Inc. unveils a new feature for LotRO Players: Graphical Signatures that detail any of your characters that you choose!
Show Off Your LOTRO Characters with New Graphical Signatures!

We're pleased to announce a brand new feature for LOTRO players: Character signatures! You can now generate a graphical sig with information about any of your characters. Pick the one you want to display on the LOTRO forums, or copy the HTML so you can show off your characters on other forums and web pages! For more information, click here!​

Character Signature FAQ

Q: What do I need to do to display my character?
A: In your User CP, choose Edit Signature. Select your character from the list and specify the portrait you wish to use (or no portrait to display a silhouette). Copy the code which appears in the box, and paste it into your forum signature to use it on our forums.

Q: The portrait for my character doesn't look like my character at all!
A: Portraits are only a representative of your character's race and gender. You can choose to display a silhouette instead of the portrait, if you prefer.

Q: How many characters can I display at a time?
A: You can display one at a time on the LOTRO forums.

Q: Which characters are available to display?
A: All monster player characters and player characters above level 5 are available.

Q: What if I don't want to view the signatures?
A: You can enable or disable the display of graphical signatures in your User CP. If you choose not to display the graphical sig, the forums will display the user's text signature by default.

Q: How do I display the signature on another forum or website?
A: You can display the signature anywhere the HTML image tag is supported! In your User CP, choose the character you want to display; then copy and paste the pre-generated HTML in the second text box into the forum or website you want to use it on.

Q: How often does my signature update?
A: Currently, character information is updated approximately every 24 hours.

Q: I have my character signature and text in my signature, but they're getting cut off!
A: Your signature height is limited to 200 pixels, so adding text above the graphic will push it down and subject it to clipping, and vice versa.

  • Characters that have transferred servers may not show up in your character list or may have older data.