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EM Event Item Selling some nice items/sets that are too expensive for vendors but can't go on safes.


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Selling some nice items that are too expensive to put on a vendor but are either containers or sets so won't work with auction safes (cannot put containers on auction safes).
Items are able to be viewed at the location below.

Contact me if interested or to make offers:
ICQ 1598439 (preferred)
Discord olcher#5620

. Remains of Grumlad, Advocate of Minax (working container AND makes sound when opened) 350m

4. A Weathered Black Book Containing Hit Lists That Belonged to An Assassin Of The Hand Of Death 245m

. A Mystical Wardrobe That Connects Worlds, With The Carving: "In The Name Of The Father" (working container) 350m

.The Fossilized Remains Of A Human-Being Reaching Back Beyond Antiquity (sparkle when double clicked)
The Fossilized Remains Of A Human-Being Reaching Back Beyond Antiquity (sparkle when double clicked)
2 piece, sold as set 750m

12. 9 Lanterns. One in each ore color, Crafted By Mesanna
9 lanterns, sold as set offer only

1. A Carnivorous Plant Found Within The Overgrowth (working container) sold

. A Collection of Manuscripts and Other Ephemera Related To A Storyteller Named Narcissus Bennu (working container)
A Collection of King Blackthorn's Carefully Kept Manuscripts Relating To The Conseil Du Roi (working container)
2 different graphics, sold as set

. Library Of An Ancient Necromancer (makes sound and talks) sold

8. Time Is Not Important... (makes sound when clicked)
Only Life Is Important. (makes sound when clicked)
Or A Good Pirate Plunder! -Darian (makes sound when clicked)
3 piece, sold as set

. A Small Sandalwood Box: Though Plainly Built It Is Engraved With A Meticulously Intricate Ankh (working container) sold

. A Starlight Forged Treasure Chest Used To Conceal Lost Relics (working container) sold

. A Corroded Strongbox Containing Priceless Stolen Treasures (working container) sold

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