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Seeking Guild Leader


Stratics Veteran
Hello, and welcome to ToonTown STR! We are the official ToonTown Stratics guild, and focus on community events and discussion. We have been seeing some more activity lately with our members. Unfortunately, with my new role as ME and personal affairs, I have been excessively busy. In order for this guild to get the full dosage of community events and activity, I need someone to run the guild and keep people's interest. I have set some qualifications that I believe meet the standards of an effective guild leader. I have set in game standards, as well as forum familiarity.

Toon(s) must be:
  • 100 laff or higher
  • have 2 or more suits built (not maxed)
  • a constant player
  • at least 2 gag tracks maxed
  • have no record of being banned

You must be:
  • a good organizer
  • friendly
  • must be impartial
  • forum experience (helpful, but not necessary)
  • involved in discussions/planning
  • welcome new members
  • run and moderate the "ToonTown STR" forums

If you would like to apply, please send me a pm. You can also email me at [email protected]. We hope that we can get even more members and a great new guild leaders.

Also, I will still be attending and planning events. My point was that they will be less frequent until we get a guild leader.