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Season 14 - 2016 event items reference list - updated to Dec 16 Mizuho & Baja


Stratics Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Please don't post underneath this as we want to keep as lag free as possible. If you have any suggestions please PM or ICQ me and I will work on it. Thanks. Features of this thread includes:

Thankyou Manticore for starting this list, and for years of keeping up with a reference list for the latest drops. The majority of the credit for this list is his, i only added items since August, and changed the way numbers are represented.

The Numbers Listed are the Base Number for the Shard. With the random points system now, actual numbers are hard to know. I attend most of the events, and in cases where the actual drop number may be significantly off from the base drop i will put my estimate as ~#, or the number the EM stated. Actual drop numbers depend on the amount of people at the event getting the random points "extra" drops. expect true numbers to be a bit higher than the base number.

when everyone with looting rights gets the drop, i will list that number as "Everyone Drop."
everyone drops can be very high, or relatively low numbers depending on the event. For example Great Lakes can be 200, while small shards like Mizuho may only be 30.

Stealables will always be the exact number if listed.

Ill be missing a few dates, but will go back to putting the date in future months.


*Base number for Atlantic is 25, however they usually have multiple bosses, with the random points system this usually results in around 40 or more as a "standard" drop for Atlantic. If numbers for an individual event are much higher or lower than this i will list it. Otherwise they will not be listed because too hard to determine.

Jan 14 - A Translucent Crystal Statue Of Adamu Edom The Ascended Britannian
Jan 21 - A Finely Hewn Ebony Chest Of Drawers With An Intricate Design Of Infernal Markings
Jan 28 - Personal Journal Of Adamu Edom Wellings An Ouroboros Is Embossed On It's Cover
Feb 18 - An Unfinished Timepiece Found In The Workshop Of A Great Artisan
Feb 26 - The Shattered Crown Of The Queen Of The Seven Seas Of Rhye
Mar 24 - Eden, The Sleepy Hellhound Puppy
Mar 31 - Mounted Bust Of The Putrid Daemon Wexvvedicl The White
Apr 25 - Elongated Skull Of A Glorious Incarnation, Stranger To Sosaria
Apr 28 - Ancient Silver Monolith, Edge To Edge Is Emblazoned With Unknown Runes And Mysterious Writing
May 19 - Ancient Ruby Lantern Containing The Forgotten Fires Of Felucca (25) Stealable
May 26 - A Beautiful Kakemono Scroll Depicting A Wondrous Serpentine Dragon Eating A Peach
Jun 23 - An Infernalized Statue Bearing the Toil and Dilapidation of Generations in Felucca (25) Stealable
Jul 28 - Gruesome Standard Of The Pale Orc Warband, Carved Into It Are The Words "Glory To Da Bludgod!" *Note - 2 graphics. (some of the first graphic disappeared, and mesanna replaced. Original Graphic ~20 remain. Replacement Graphic ~40 were created
Jul 28 - Gold Flecked Graffiti Spelling Out The Words: "Humanity First!"
Non-Sosarian Vegetation Partially Digested By A Langolier Of The Purifiers
Fungi Recovered From The Ancient Corridor Where A Lady Was To Be Forgotten
The Age Of The Bennu Narcissus: Six Years Of Drama, Blood And Tears
A Finely Spun Silk "Humanity First" Banner, It In Pristine Condition
Oct 31 - An Effigy Of The Creature Known As The Slender (50)
Nov 17 - A Slightly Torn Silk "Humanity First!" Banner, It Has Smatterings Of Elven Blood.
Dec 1 - Poseable Figurine Of A Traditional Britannian Gypsy in Festive Dress (day event - lower than average turnout / drop numbers)

base 20 drop
Feb 27 - Remembering The Time's Past (?)
Mar 30 - A Tattered Logbook Detailing The Voyage Of The Ghost Ship Celeste (10)
Apr 29 - A Fragment Of The Armageddon Spell, Written In The Language Of The Wisps
May 25 - Soul Sepulcher (?)
Jun 15 - A Large Spirit Cap (20)
Jul 13 - Bottles Of Wine Poisoned With Spiritcap Extract
A Kit Of Small Vials Containing Poisons, Venoms And Toxins Used By The Crimson Dagger (75)
Portrait Of An Evil Harlequin ~30 (note-the EM stated he requested 50, but judging from how many got them, im guessing this was a normal drop plus random points drops. number seems to be around 30.
A Corrupted Shard Of The Gem Of Immortality
Dec 16 - Remains Of BABY YAGA


base 15 drop
Jan 30 - Honey I Save The Dragon From The Unknown (10)
May 01 - Stacked Heads Of Void Beasts
Jun 27 - Glowing Xorinite Crystal
Jul 29 - Hanging Daggers
Orcish Visage The Frozen Skull Clan
A Wriggling Tentacl
Trophy Of Glubgub The Moldy

base drop 20
Jan - Blackened Gemstone (20 stealable)
Mar 22 - Ranger Garb
Apr 23 - champion of Chesapeake (everyone drop)
Apr 30 - Easter Finally Comes To Chesapeake 2016
May 29 - Vlad The Torturers Personal Torture Tools
jul 6 - Mystical Wings Of The Erinyes
Dolphin's Essence Of Goodness
Orb of Stored Memories
Lanuaria's Gift Of Healing
Nov 27 - Mirror of Truth

base 15 drop
Jan 31 - An Ugly Totem From A Vengeful Living (but Now Dead] Spirit) (10)
Feb 21 - Golden Shimmering Sun-Dried Roses Of A Lost Love
Mar 19 - A Symbol Of The 1st Anniversary Gift Of Aaryl & Slef Nehcard (everyone drop)
Apr 17 - A Painting Of Ephyram's Spirit Lost In Eternity
May 29 - An Iron Bathing Gown Embroidered With A Towel Emblem
Jun 28 - A Firefly Lantern Snatched From A Midsummer Nightmare
July 17 - I Gave (my Life) And Took (this Wonderful Crystal) From Felucca, Drachenfels (15 stealable)
Aug - A Vase Containing The Most Beautiful Musical Ingredients
Sept - A Paper Lantern Pictured with the Shadows of the Moondragon
October - A Perfect Pumpkin From Harvey's Collection [Drachenfels 2016
Nov 20 - Beautiful Wilted Flowers From The Graves Of The Unforgotten Dead
Dec 14 - A Frozen Solid Crystal Formed From The Ice Queen's Soul (unusually low turnout / drop numbers)

base 20 drop
Feb 28 - A Damaged Fragment Of The Eye Of The Moonlighter
May 8 - Shackles From King Blackthorn's Dungeon (~50)
May 15 - Melissa's Frozen Heart
Jul 03 - An Effigy Of King Blackthorn Sculpted By Europa's Rebellion
A Vase Filled With Screaming Voices And Blood Of Dead Heroes In Felucca: Fear The Mad King
Angry Essence Spirit Of Dawn, A Once Loved But Now Forgotten Queen
Angry Spirit Of The Harvest Moon
A Luxury And Magical Lantern Holding The Residual Reason Of The Mad King
King Blackthorn * 4th Anniversary Coronation
The Cursed And Burnt Vow Between The Mad King And The Witch Rowena
Dec 1 - Element Of Air From Gypsy Lela's Crystal Ball
Dec 8 - The Forgotten And Corrupted Fire Of Christmas: Fear The Grinch! ~40

*Base number for Great Lakes is 20, however they usually have 2 bosses, with the random points system this usually results in around 40 or more as a "standard" drop for Great Lakes. If numbers for an individual event are much higher or lower than this i will list it. Otherwise they will not be listed because too hard to determine.

Jan 5 - Britannian Royal Spy - Snitch (Lantern) (14)
Jan 5 - Britannian Royal Spy - Watcher (Lantern) (14)
Jan 5 - Britannian Royal Spy - Consultant (Lantern) (20)
Jan 5 - Britannian Royal Spy - Runner (Lantern) (13)
Jan 5 - Britannian Royal Spy - Scout (Lantern) (22)
Jan 5 - Britannian Royal Spy - Investigator (Lantern) (22)
Jan 5 - Britannian Royal Spy - Operative (Lantern) (16)
Jan 5 - Britannian Royal Spy - Agent (Lantern) (11)
Jan 5 - Britannian Royal Spy - Fixer (Lantern) (10)
Jan 5 - Britannian Royal Spy - Ghost (Lantern) (10)
Jan 26 - Snake In The Grass
Feb 16 - Gothic Teddy Bear
Feb 23 - Azure Wisp Chamber
Mar 22 - The Waters Of Lost Balema
Mar 26 - Easter Bunnies Resting Beside A Great Lake
Mar 29 - Cursed Candles From A Demonic Ritual
Apr 27 - Festival Of The Grape Stomping Basket
Apr 30 - Thou Has Been Slimed
May 17 - A Sealed Relic Of Unthar
May 31 - Blood Spawn Antiquity From The Second Cataclysm
Jun 18 - Living Rose-Gold Coral From The Waters Of Nujel'm (10) stealable
Jun 28 - Broken Glass Swords Fused With Uthar's Necromancy
Jul 30 - Ghostly Dolphin Guide
Aug 2 - Biting Rat Of Muroidea
A Delicate Gargoyle-Crafted Glass Flowering Plant
Neikea of the Dark Unknown
Daemon of the Dark Unknown, Disguised By AtoGau (everyone drop ~200)
Blood-Drenched Throne Of The King Under The Hill
Redcap's Cap (everyone drop ~200)
Nov 22 - Dove of Peace ~70
Nov 29 - Snowpiglet ~60

base 15 drop
Jan 30 - A Set Of Swords Once Belonging To The Traversis Leader Areum Taris (everyone drop)
Feb 27 - Ancient Ceremonial Sword Of Uknown Origin, Used In Rituals Of Blood Sacrifice
Mar 27 - Withered And Gnarled Sapling That Seems To Teem With Some Sort Of Dark Energy
Apr 23 - A Shell From The Deep Depths Housing The Discordant Sound Of Madness
May 29 - A Chestpiece Bearing The Insignia Of Traccor The Dark One
Jun 11 - A Pair Of Gloves Bearing The Insignia Of Traccor The Dark One
July - Skull Helm Bearing The Insignia Of Traccor The Dark One
Aug - Bone Legs Bearing The Insignia Of Traccor The Dark One
Sept - A Toxic Diseased Snake Plant
Oct 15 - Pumpkin Spider Statue (10)
Nov 19 - Mysterious Fruit
Dec 9 - Bone Arms Bearing The Insignia Of Traccor The Dark One - 100 requested (less than 100 most likely dropped)

base 15 drop
Jan 18 - Enorme Successo Dolce Vendetta 'The VanDonts (10)
Feb 23 - A Powerful Beacon Used By The VonDont Family To Generate Evil (10)
Mar 25 - A Fountain Of Blood From Lake Superior Players (50)
Apr 14 - A Golden Chip Used In The Orc Casino (50)
May 31 - Dead Lord Boots (10)
Jun 17 - A Container Holding The Evil Essence Of Valerie Vondont
July 29 - A Piece Of Rock Used To Build The Museum Of Mystery
Sept - Drinks To Celebrate The Opening Of The Museum Of Mystery
Oct - A Bush Burnt To Crisp By A Family Of Dragons
Nov 1 - A Spider Wrapped Present

base 10 drop
Jan 23 - Flaming Snowflake (10)
Feb 27 - Azure Dragon Replica (everyone drop)
Apr 28 - Replica Of The Ancient, Blood-Stained Armor Of The Dread Lord, One Of The Six Knights Of Mondain (10)
May 26 - Replica Of The Ancient Armor of The Wandering Knight, One Of The Six Knights Of Mondain (10)
Jun 30 - The Infinity Bone, Relic Of The Dog God Stolen By Dom The Cat On A Transdimensional Quest (10)
Jul 29 - An Antique Gypsy Flute Made From Rare Silverleaf, Hand-Carved With Intricate And Unusual Detail (10) ~25
Replica Of The Tarnished Rusted Armor Of The Lady Of Despair
Replica Of The Charred, Slomdering Armor Of The Burning Baron, One Of The Six Knights Of Mondain
Replica Of The Neburous Armor of The Eldritch Knight, One Of The Six Knights Of Mondain
A Shield From A Bygone Era Emblazoned With An Iron Serpent, Engraved : "Fides Nostra Sustinet" (100 requested, estimate ~45 dropped)

base 15 drop (high character numbers on napa result in average drop of 40 to 50)
Jan 25 - The Roasting Pig King
Feb 15 - A Magical Statue: Its Form Takes The Shape Of The Observer's One True Love
Feb 29 - The Demonic Hairball Of Dom The Cat Pulsing With Dark Magic And The Scent Of Catnip
Mar 28 - Imprisoned Spirits Waiting To Claim An Unsuspecting Body ~40
Imprisoned Spirits Waiting To Claim An Unsuspecting Body (Sign Graphic) (~2 to 5)
Apr 11 - The Growing Vines Of Spring
May 30 - Rugged Leather Ranger Boots (everyone drop)
Jun 20 - A Noxious Flame Once Used In The Eradication Of A Once Great Kingdom
Jul 25 - Pet Rock (?)
The Legendary Anvil "Heart Of The Mountain", Forged From A Fallen Star
Worshipper of Vereor - Pledging Mind, Body and Soul To His Greatness ~50
Heart Of The Ocean
Nov 28 - Spyglass Of Despair - Peering Through Shows A Vision Of A Crumbling Britannia ~50
Dec 12 - A Collection Of Rare Gems

base 15 drop
Jan 28 - Thank You Oceania!! 'EM ShanyraFyre' 1 year Anniversary (~30)
Jun 19 - The Siren Thelxiope Got Imprisoned Within An Intricate And Magic Wax Sculpture (15)
Jul 19 - The Wave Of The Nightmarish Dreams (?)
A Pile Of Tangled Bones Collected From The Undead King
A Depowered Magical Plate Tunic Used By The Catalyst Of Evil
A Depowered Magical Plate Helm Used by the Catalyst of Evil
A Depowered Magical Plate Legs Used By The Catalyst Of Evill ~45
Dec 1 - A Depowered Magical Plate Arms Used By The Catalyst Of Evill ~35

base 10 drop
Jan 26 - Evil Ice Queen Wings
Feb 16 - Heart Stealing Chocolates
Mar 15 - Kiss My Blarney Stone!
Apr 12 - Bacon & Beer Brawl 2016
May 29 - I Survived Osiredons Revenge
Mar 29 - Spring Fever 2016
Jun 24 - Assassins Of Evil Defeated - June 2016
July 25 - Fuddy Wuddys Beach Ball Vollyball - July 2016
Aug - Drop On The Deck & Flop Like A Fuddy Wuddy Fish - August 2016
Sept - A Change in Seasons Fall 2016
Oct - Cider Spider Sac ^ Tunnel Of Terror ^ October 2011
Nov 25 - I Rescued A Cove Guard From The Orc Brute Abductor

pacific's drop numbers vary
Jan 28 - An Alluvium Vessel Encompassing The Residue Of The Legendary Lithos - Titan Of Earth (15)
Feb 11 - A Passionate Rosebush Augmented With True Beauty: "Omnia Vincit Amor Et Nos Cedamus Amori" (10)
Mar 17 - A Personal Jar Enclosed With The Tempestuous Aura Of The Legendary Stratos - Titan Of Air (20)
Apr 15 - A Pulsating Alabaster Pillar Inscribed With The Countenance Of Titans Bound To The Tetrasomia (15)
May 26 - Necronomicon Manuscript Used By Maverick The Conjurer To Imprison Lost Souls (everyone drop)
Jun 23 - A Candle Whose Light Gilstens From The Prismatic Breath Of The Dragonlord (15)
Jul 14 - A Miniature Figurine Carved From Dragon Bone To Resemble Petronius The Dragonlord (15)
Aug - A Blood Soaked Deadwood Tree Immortalized By The Horrid Murders Of Bane: Ashmedai (25)
Sept - A Starlight Forged Treasure Chest Used To Conceal Lost Relics (15)
Oct - An Eclipsed Wolverine Conceived By The Sacred Bloodline Awakening (15)
Nov 26 - A Festive Cornucopia Flourished By the Huntsman of Skara Brae ??

base drop 10 to 20

Jan 27 - Horn Of The Mystical Unicorn
Feb 24 - Part Of An Oar From A Pirate Ship During The Fight To Avenge Bloodstone
Mar 23 - An Ancient Cure (10)
Apr 20 - A Tapestry Commissioned By The King As Reward For The Capture Of The Imposter (>50)
May 18 - Burnt Beef From EM Willows 2nd Year Anniversary Party (everyone drop)
Jun 22 - Crate Of Goods Marked With The Zento Seal
An Oil Puddle
Patinaed Copper Keys Used To Free Goblins From Imprisonment
Nov 16 - A Tapestry Commissioned By The King Signifying A New Beginning ~100
Dec 7 - A Sample Of Deadly Alchemical Substances *Handle With Caution* ~45


One Is Glad To Be Of Service - EM Bennu, Siege Perilous 2016 (?)

Full name to be added soon - Golden throne Graphic (3)
Cracked Armament of the Captured Minosian Of Barbius (5)
An Ancient and Terrible Crystal Of Unknown Origin ~15



Feb 26 - Hina-Doll Fairy For Girls Day 2016
Apr 29 - A Miniature Swords For The Boy's Festival 2016 (White, Izumo) (lots)
Apr 29 - A Miniature Swords For The Boy's Festival 2016 (Green, Mizuho) (lots)
Apr 30 - A Miniature Swords For The Boy's Festival 2016 (Purple, Yamato) (lots)
Apr 30 - A Miniature Swords For The Boy's Festival 2016 (Pink, Sakura) (lots)
Apr 30 - A Miniature Swords For The Boy's Festival 2016 (Fire, Hokuto) (lots)
May 01 - A Happy Carp For Boy's Festival 2016 (Red, Asuka) (lots)
May 01 - A Happy Carp For Boy's Festival 2016 (Gold, Wakoku) (lots)
Mesanna's Ignition Pie (lots)

base drop 20

Apr 22 - Mask of Spirit Away
Jun 17 - My Heart Is Always On Your Side
Jul 09 - Ornament For The Star Festival 2016 (everyone drop)
Aug 19 - A Cursed Climbing Rose
Sep 24 - Cranky & Chubby Cats Doll (>50)
Sign Of The Mad Scientist
The Biggest Love For All Brittanian

base 15 drop (changed from 10 recently)

Jan 30 - Stasis Black Weep Plant Specimen (10)
Feb 27 - Ecdysis Of Little Spider Queen Syndra (10)
Mar 27 - Etiolated World Tree Sapling (10)
Apr 30 - The Avenger Warlords Downfall (10)
May 28 - A Golden Death Mask Of Hanzo The Spymaster (10)
Jun 25 - Void Clockwork Power Core
Jul 30 - Crystalized Void Energy
Subterranean Crystal Formed From Mantle Of Sosaria
Heart Of Frost Wyrm
An Exploding Void Core In Stasis
Exausted Mojo Sacrificial Alter

Jan - Medusa Queen Vase (10)
Zombie's Eye-Ball ~15

base 20 drop
Jan 17 - Trap Training Dummy
Feb 14 - Chocolate Fondue
Mar 20 - Snow Piece
Apr 10 - Easter Painting (50)
May 13 - Minion's Kettle
Jun 5 - Ancient Spellbook
July 24 - Royal Bell
Aug 12 - Orfluer Flowers (Ice blue) (4) stealable
Aug 12 - Orfluer Flowers (Green) (11) stealable
Aug 12 - Orfluer Flowers (Red) (1) stealable
Sep 24 - Lantern (spell chanelling, just says "lantern")
Oct - Pumpkin Lantern
Nov 14 - Recovery Portion

Jan 29 - The Magical Time Machine Control Panel (20)
Feb 6 - The Magical Time Machine Control Panel (20)
Feb 6 - Chinese New Year Great Monkey God Sun Wukong ~30
Oct - Cinderella's Glass Clock

base 20 drop
May 27 - Zmey Miniature
Jun 24 - Shackles That Citizens Of Britania Hostage
Jul 22 - The Person Who Could'n Help
Aug 26 - Arrows Of The Royal Guard
Sep 22 - Purified Crystal
Oct - Shadow Oak Stuffed
Dec 3 - Teddy Bear Ring Pillow

base 20 drop
Jun 18 - Quiet Weve Of Tokuno (20)
Jul 22 - D(^o^) Life Jacket (>50)
Aug 19 - Pikky[Plush Doll] (20)
Sep 25 - Termurs Medical Dictionary (30)
Oct - Tokuno's KusuriKinoko (30)
Nov 25 - Moons Cannon
Dec 16 - Forest Maintenance D(^o^) very low numbers


numbers vary
Feb 14 - Bloodstained Predilection (15)
Mar 18 - Lonely Dolphin (15)
Apr 15 - Lost Crystal Ball (everyone drop)
May 21 - Her Green Light (20)
Jun 25 - With Wakoku (50)
Jul 10 - Ornament For The Star Festival 2016 (everyone drop)
Sep 17 - Spirit Of Forgotten Dream World's (20)
Oct - The Light Of Wakoku 18th Anniversary (everyone drop)
Nov 18 - Icy Sandals Of History With Uno's Love (everyone drop)


Base 20 drop
Jan 23 - An Icy Patch
Feb 13 - There Is No Remedy For Love But To Love More
Mar 12 - A Statue Of Gabriel
Apr 02 - Happy Easter From Yamato 2016
May 14 - JJ's Missing Music Piece
Jun 4 - Hydragea Flower
Jul 23 - Recovered From A Slime [Blackrock Infected]
Aug 13 - A Statue Of Moby-Stella
Sep 10 - A Totem Recovered From The Unknown Shard Of Sosaria
Oct - Bottles Of Bubbling Supernatant Recovered from Solen Hives
Nov 2 - Cinderella's Glass Shoes

Base 20 drop
Jan 22 - A Salty Onsen Egg
Feb 11 - A Chocolate Filled Cherry Nutcracker
Mar 26 - Thank You Sakura - The 5th Anniversary Maneki-Neko From EM Nekomata (200)
Apr 17 - Happy Easter From Sakura 2016
May 28 - A Statue Of King Poseidon
Jun 19 - A Large Piece Of Turquoise
Jul 17 - A Large Piece Of Prehnite
Aug 21 - A Large Piece Of Phamtom Quartz
Sep 18 - A Large Piece Of Fire Ruby
Oct - A Large Piece Of Morion
Nov 19 - Miracle Grown Mushroom
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