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SEA/Oceanic | Aggroculture [AGGR]: Limited Recruitment Open


Stratics Veteran
Aggroculture has recently opened recruitment for Guild Wars 2 players.


We are a, SEA, Asian and Oceanic gaming community that are looking for more potential members for our long term gaming network and Guild Wars 2 itself. At the moment we are looking for both WvW and PVE orientated players although he/she must at least try to attend a few WvW events. We currently have around 100 active GW2 Players and will be looking to recruit to around 150 members.

Below is information that you should know before applying :

We are currently located in Jade Quarry server.
- Our guild operates mainly in the timezones of GMT+8 (SEA) and GMT+11 (AUS).

- Our guild's operating prime time is mostly from the afternoon - to - late night (GMT+8 - 11)

- We are WvW orientated and of course PvE is part of it as we go.

- We encourage members to learn, develop and improve

- Our guild consist of casual and competitive members.

- We value both friendship and gaming quality equally, collectivism and the building of long term network with our gamers within our community.

Communication is important. We encourage the use of the forums and Teamspeak, especially during WvW sessions.

- English is the priority language used. We understand however that not everyone has perfect english.

- We do not tolerate racism and drama. We expect a high level of respect among members.

We wish to provide our members a great enjoyable gaming experience. We would like to tell you that most important thing of being part of a community is to have FUN and to ENJOY your time in Aggroculture.

--- Apply here:

Thank you, we await your application
Aggroculture Guild Representative
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