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[Mining] Saltpeter Mining Q


Hey all,

So was just wondering if the Sturdy shovel gave a bonus to mining saltpeter? What about a gargoyle pickaxe...when the niter comes out and i use a gargoyle pickaxe will it provide more saltpeter or not?

Thanks all


The Doctor

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Negative Ghost Rider on both questions. Luck on your suit will help you find it., high mining as well.
Dungeon Mining
For dungeon mining, once an 8x8 area has been checked for saltpeter, it won't be checked again for 5 minutes. In other words, the same location can be checked for niter deposits every 5 minutes, regardless of the success of the previous try.

GM Miners will discover a niter deposit inside a dungeon on their first strike, provided that there is one within an 8x8 tile location. Ilshenar is considered a dungeon so it is a great place to look just walking down the mountain sides.