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Runic Reforging and Kits



For Runic Reforging, are Spined Runic Kits useful? And if so, for what exactly? I guess I'm not really sure what I should use my Spined Runic Kits for?

My understanding is Horned Runic Kits are the ones to use to get max luck 150 so it can be refined to 190 luck. Is that the main use for Horned Kits? Any other uses for them?

As for Barbed Runic Kits and Reforging, my guess is hoping it will randomly come out with piece of armor that has some combination of LMC, LRC, MR, Luck that's better than you can get from just imbuing?

I'd love clarifications and corrections! Thank you!


Okay found another page Semmerset's Re-Forging Charts - Old Stratics

This seems to explain a little further. I don’t know why it’s so hard to get the full complete info as to what tool can get what options.
Thank you, that definitely gives some nice information. Thank you for finding it and sharing it!

Of course, it makes me very curious to want to know about all the missing tools. For example, barbed and horned are missing along with MANY of the blacksmith ones like valorite and golden.

If you find more info, please let me know and thank you again! :)