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Ruinous Event (Sylvania)



Ruinous Event

Sylvania (US)
Recruitment: Open
To Contact/Apply: Visit the website
Contact - Link above and/or Mersie, Merfie, Onaeb, Onaebia, Simmadown
Voice: Ventrilo exclusively. Its not required, but you will probably feel lonely and left out. We only partake in limited conversations in chat before the replies just stop. We just don't like to type. Why should we? We have vent to chat. C'mon spend $12 on a mic.
Description- A group of MMO Barflies from various MMO's. Some of us have been playing together for 8 years but we still keep finding awesome people everywhere we go. We don't play the "I'm leader and mighty, do what I say" game. Our guild is a "Voice Guild". If you aren't on Ventrilo with us, then you're just a player with a tag above your head, and we're probably not the guild for you.
Recruiting- We hate the word "recruiting". We're looking for good people to play with, not hire and slavedrive. If you're curious, come on vent and chat it up with us. Long questions ingame will be answered by long silences until we end up at a graveyard, because we like to RVR alot, so, use our website to voice your questions or interest.

We took a huge hit with the WOW expansion. We lost nearly everyone. However after watching a few guildies try to find other guilds, with limited success, I decided to try and build us back up from the gound up. We still have the same ideals and general personality of the guild. Since the others are still around, just not playing WAR. They are just a channel away on vent. These are the people that we are lookin for. More friends to hang with even after you leave the game. A few of us just want to do it playing WAR. Come check us out. Be a part of the beginning of a new era for us in WAR.
C'mon. We have a vent channel goin to waste.