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Role play Server?



Hello there. I am wondering if there is an official (or unofficial actualy I don't mind) Roleplay server for LOTRO? I am really interrested in playing on it if there is one.

Thanks in advance!


Aedon is correct. Turbine does not label their servers as any particular type or region because they don't want new comers to be put off by perception or stereotyping. Generally speaking though,

Brandywine = probably most populated
Elendilmir = unofficial Aussie server
Landroval = unofficial RP server

This is not to say that you could not find players or a Kin on ANY server that doesn't RP but chances are greater on Landroval for RP Kins.

Welcome to the other side of the pond, I hope you enjoy your stay. :)



As has already been stated, Landroval is the unoffical rp sever. However, I have yet to meet many roleplayers in my relatively short time there. It most likely draws more because of it's unoffical status.


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Some history from memory. Since the days when LotRO was still going to be called Middle-Earth Online (MEO), users of the MEO Forums had been discussing RP servers, asking for one to be named when the game went live.

Flash forward some time later after Turbine acquired the game rights and announced the final name of the game, Lord of the Rings Online and then later gave us a preliminary list of the Server Names, the Community noticed that none had been labeled as an RP server.

In a sign of just how mature and awesome the MEO/LotRO Community was and still is, instead of the Community complaining left and right like we see in so many other game communities, the Community banded together and put up discussions on choosing an Unofficial Server.

Landroval was the Communities Majority choice for this. This doesn't mean you will not find RP on other servers, nor does it mean that Landroval is nothing but RPers.

On the contrary, Landroval is full of all types of players. It just happens to be one that may have the most Roleplayers from the MEO days. Meneldor is another server that I have heard in passing that has quite a bit of RP players as well. I also know of some RP activity on Windfola. I also have it in my mind that Elendilmir was also spoke of as having a nice RP Community as well. I could be wrong however on the latter, as I cannot recall specifics, just for some reason that server name sticks in my head as having been spoke of in an RP discussion.

Usually, I can often find Roleplayers in Bree Town, usually by the Pony Inn, role-playing with each other. It is quite refreshing to see from the rigors of a long sitting of monster hunting and questing, even though I myself rarely engage in RP with people I do not know.

Although, I am usually always in character when I play LotRO. However I do not stay in character if I am speaking or grouping with others who are not role-playing, as I do not want to disrespect their playstyle any by making them feel like they have to RP with me.

Welcome to Middle-Earth and to those who chose Landroval, welcome to Landroval!