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[Mining] Rock hammer V. Shovel

Petra Fyde

Peerless Chatterbox
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Equipment: 5 x 100 use GM shovels, 1 x 500 use rock hammer (Blacksmith BoD reward - except fencing weapons)
Location: Felucca, Europa shard.
Client: EC
Macros: shovels in a 'target by resource' macro and set to mine 'stone'; 'target default object (set to hammer)', use targeted object, target set to cursor, delay 1.5' - Lots of clicking, but you can't set the mountainside as a target and you can't put the hammer in the 'target by resource' box.

Details: From a set starting point I mined up the mountain side, emptying each resource pocket till the shovels ran out and putting the granite into a pack horse.
Because of the time it takes to empty a resource pocket of granite I was able to start from the same point with the hammer. I made a note of the granite in the pack horse, and placed the stone from the hammer on the grid row below, thus you can compare the coloured ore from the same pockets. On reaching the point where the shovels ran out the hammer was just less than half used up, plain granite was at 93 rocks. I continued up the mountain.


Conclusion: I don't regret the iron I used to fill the fencing Lbod to claim the hammer, but I wish it could be used in a 'target by resource' macro.


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
I generally found that the rock hammer would get me the same number of successful colored granite digs as there would be ore in that spot give or take. So a place that would normally give 16 swings (so 32 ore in Fel), I'd generally get about 48 colored granite from it. There's a bit of variability, as it seems there's about a 1/10 chance to still get plain granite, plus the human bonus to sometimes get 4 instead of 3.

I also found that the success rate to get the granite at all was similar to the shovel - so if 10% of shovel swings would yield granite instead of ore, about 10% of the rock hammer swings gave me granite, the rest nothing.