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RIFT hints at expansion details with strange box


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This is for you Rift Junkies still out there. You may be jumping up and down for joy if they are right.

RIFT hints at expansion details with strange box | Massively

RIFT hints at expansion details with strange box

by Jef Reahard on May 27th 2012 12:00PM
Fantasy, MMO industry, News items, RIFT
Trion's coy marketing campaign for RIFT's next update continues. Yesterday we received a mysterious box containing the following: two posters featuring historical raids, a level with a "10" sticker on it, four soles, six keys (one of which was labeled Port Tempest), five glass prisms, and a red hooded cloak.

What does all this mean?

PCGamer received a similar bundle and has posted its thoughts, and we tend to agree. Chances are good that we're looking at a major RIFT expansion featuring new raids, new souls, a level-cap increase, and six new areas. And the glass prisms? We have no idea, so stay tuned.