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Returning to Ultima Online - Atlantic Unassisted Journey

Hi All,

So after many years away from UO I've decided to come back.

My thought was to come back to the game, start on a brand new account, and try to work my way up to end game content without accepting help from any other players. I've set a rule for myself that anything I buy or sell must be at prices dictated by the market, I cannot accept donations or generous buy/sell conditions. The idea is basically that I want to prove that by learning the game as it is today, you can be successful starting from scratch and that the inflated economy is a challenge that can be overcome. As far as group content is concerned, I'm only allowing myself to join in on formal group content when I feel my skills/equipment allow me to adequately contribute to the effort; I cannot get carried by others.

I've been spending a lot of time doing weekly videos on my journey, we're up to 7 videos total. Perhaps a few of you might enjoy the content, so here is a link to the playlist of weekly videos:

I will say the videos get better as they go on, this was literally my first ever attempt at doing any sort of video editing...

See you out there!



Stratics Veteran
Nice. A great little series. I also like to restart on a new shard and build a character from scratch without assistance.
Haven't really played for a few years now, so I also learned a few little tips from your videos - need to look into the high seas content I can see!
The High Seas stuff was a blast, I kinda wanna keep going back to it.

I've been thinking it might be fun to do speedrun challenges. Like, speedrun to 90 taming, or start on a random server speedrun to first expensive 120 powerscroll.

Starting from scratch has been a really fun way to get back into this game, way more fun than I anticipated.