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Returning Player...What to do, what to do?


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Howdy Folks,
Trying to get back into the swing of things over the last couple of weeks. Having fun with my ABC Archer, my Bard/Tamer and looking at my pure bard now.

Music 110 is gemmed to 120
Disco 110 is gemmed to 120
Peace 100
Provo 100
Hiding 100
LP 100
Mage 70
Focus 30

Not quite sure what I was gonna do with him when I left UO last. At one point he was my Thunter, but was setup differently. I was crawling dungeons with this guy at one point (I think it was this guy) but he was setup differently, just dont remember how it was (I'm old, have forgotten alot of stuff HA).

I was thinking about dropping peace, pickup stealth, spread the 30 in focus to provo to hard cap it and maybe the same with music and disco. If I did that, I could raise magic up with spellbook and gem, but I'm not real sure that will work well without Resist or EI.

Any suggestions and is doing the stealthy above viable without Resist and/or EI?

Thanks folks.
I had a similar setup for Thunter and found myself dropping stealth to make room for the now required remove trap. As much fun as stealth is, I really haven’t missed it.


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Good Afternoon folks,
Well, lets see....I'm on Atlantic, transferred over from baja years and years ago.

Music is 100/120, have room to go to 120, which I will
Disco is 63/120, made a small error and stoned disco over to my archer and thats a fun toon.
Provo is 106/115
EI is 100/100
Magery is 93/100
LP is 100/100
Hiding is 100/100
a few misc skills and peace are marked down.

Been playing him some and have had alot of fun. I played running around a few dungeons picking chests and staying alive. With mage being at 100 and up, I'm thinking of losing hiding and doing peace again. I thought about meditation, but dont know yet which it will be.

DreadLord Lestat

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go "full" bard - you'd never regret it ...
I have never had a full bard, mine is 110 real in all 120 with items. Where do you take your bard and what things are fun with one?


Guess I'm a little late to this post but here's my Bard's template:

bard template.JPG
From what I know it'll be a strong group template but I'm still trying to see how viable it will be for solo play.


Seasoned Veteran
I'm late to this thread as well. Here is one build I run. A legendary Bard with Mysticism. Skills on left are modified and on right are real skill. The other build I use is almost the same except I run med/eval instead of focus/mysticism.

Modified Skills.JPG


Seasoned Veteran
No Peace on her, but I do consider her a Bard/Mage
Do you have 120 eval with gear mods? I have one bard with a similar build. I have peacemaking instead of meditation and I run a non med studded suit for 55 lmc and 30 mana regen.


Grand Inquisitor
Stratics Veteran
Do you have 120 eval with gear mods? I have one bard with a similar build. I have peacemaking instead of meditation and I run a non med studded suit for 55 lmc and 30 mana regen.
I wish I had a 120 Eval