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Returning player, looking for active players gaming buds to adventure with! anyone out there? should I move shards?


Left the game in 2001 and its a completely different game, a little overwhelming with all the changes and new areas/monsters. Server seems pretty dead. Everyone in global chat seems already pretty established and not interested in doing the lesser stuff or hanging out with a noob. I'm working from home now and pretty actively playing ...daily.

All this content doesn't mean much if I can't experience it! Anyone out there? it's depressing running around an empty server. Any other returning players out there looking to team up? or active players looking for a gaming bud?

My character's skills are dated as hell. Have 2x 7xgm chars and bunch of trade skills but all cater towards 1997-2001 builds.

I ran around Atlantic server just to see what people were talking about and it was very active, reminded me of the early days. Even the newbie areas had people running around. I don't have much stuff collected on Great Lakes... yet, so a move isn't a big deal. I can use my vet rewards on soulstones and pack up most of my skills and move 1 character. Would anyone recommend a move in my situation? I'm looking to play, but this isn't exactly a single player game!


GL is active but the hours are important. Certain hours are pretty quiet. Otherwise it is busy enough, and there are several guilds recruiting. Busiest is ATL, lots of folks, all types there, some real nice people, and several guilds recruiting all type of action including pvp.