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Research Rewarded?


She was three days into her studies at the Lycaeum, having set out on her own to assist in discovering a means to curing, or at least hindering, the fever which activated Scar's lycanthropy. She knew others were involved, notably Phoebe Nox as well as woman named Latifa, both of whom had pledged to assist in this venture. A fellow named James had also offered a temporary remedy through Phoebe in the form of specially treated nightshade, though, according to her, it had to be administered as needed and carefully. To all these she was most appreciative, glad that others were going out of their way to solve this most powerful of unnatural curses. Phoebe had mentioned another witch, someone who lived not far from the shrine of Compassion, she had guessed, that might know more on how to effect a permanent cure. Still, she applied herself daily to this task, leaving the comforts and safety of Sanctuary each morning to arrive here and continue the studies.

As she sat reading a volume, a curator came up to her, leaned over and whispered to her. "My lady, excuse me if you will," he said, awaiting her response. She placed a marker in the book she was reading and, smiling, looked up at him. "Yes?"

"I have a note from someone who told me to give it to you. She said you would be here, described you in detail, and though she gave no name to whom you might be, well, you fit the description precisely. It is sealed and I did not open it, I might add," he explained. He offered her the note which she took. "Thank you sir," she said, gratefully. He nodded and walked away. She looked about to see if anyone was watching, and, satisfied no one was, opened and read it silently.

"Greetings Lady in Blue,

I do not know you nor you me but that does not matter. I know what it is you seek. I saw you here one day and was told you study lycanthropy, a subject of which I am quite familiar having one I loved so afflicted. When he died from it, being destroyed, I committed my life to finding the ultimate cure for it. While I cannot, myself, gather all the components needed to create the spell and elixir, I do have an item that I have enchanted as a receptacle to contain them. For a price I will give it to you. Let us discuss that price together. Neither the Lycaeum nor any place other than my own home will suffice for this. I do not trust easily so you must come alone this first time. If you speak of this to anyone else or bring anyone along with you, I will know and you will never find me. Your loved one will die as mine did, an innocent victim of a dire curse. Come when you may. I shall be here."
*included is a small map of the exact location*

Deminatza looked up and scanned the room after reading, hoping the writer would have changed her mind and appeared personally after all. Her hope was in vain. She looked back at the parchment.

"Ilshenar," she muttered to herself.
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