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Regarding Stratics and RMT


Stratics Veteran
Event Coordinator
Campaign Patron
It has come to the attention of the Stratics leadership that there is rumor going around that the Stratics staff is composed of RMT sellers.

I don't know who started this rumor or why, but it is false.

The facts are:

-RMT is not allowed on Stratics
-The Stratics Leadership Team is against RMT
-Stratics staff all agreed not to engage in RMT selling

The Stratics Volunteer Agreement specifically forbids Stratics staff from engaging in RMT sales, as we consider profiting off of a game while volunteering for a fansite for that game--particularly when RMT is against the ToS of that game--to be a significant conflict of interest as well as a poor example to set. If any Stratics staff members are engaged in RMT selling, then they are in violation of that agreement and will be removed from staff if and when leadership finds credible evidence.

Stratics staff are NOT permitted to engage in RMT sales because that is NOT what Stratics stands for. We don't know everything that goes on and we can't read minds, but we have made every reasonable effort to make certain that our staff reflects that.

On a related note, while we do not currently prohibit anyone known to engage in RMT sales from using the site simply on that basis, we are aware that certain individuals are more manipulative and deceptive in their use of this site than others, and we have anecdotally noted a strong correlation in known RMT sellers and posters engaging in this kind of abuse of the site and baiting other posters. This is one issue we are considering carefully and is one of the issues we will be seeking community discussion on soon, as noted in the recent State of Stratics.

As always, if you have an issue or comment regarding this or other Stratics policy, you may email [email protected].