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[Imbuing] Reforging and Enhancing


Stratics Veteran
Hello! I just completed my Imbuing training and startet to test stuff on test center and also read the forum a couple of times but i am still a bit confused :D

i try to craft 100% elemental damage weapons but i still have a lot of problems there...

i craft expectional iron battle axes and reforg (powerful reforging - grand artifice - inspired - exquiiste/ of quality) them with either dull copper or shadow to get a plain 100% elemental damage without any other mods. i get a lot of for example 90% fire damage. i now try to enhance the axe with bronze ingots but it wont work. it says "you enhance the item..." but fire dont go up and is still 90%. where is my failure?

sorry for my poor english


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Try closing your backpack and re-opening or drag the item into another container.