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Ratman mini champs hosed


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Did I miss a memo ? Done these a few times with out even a slayer, just to do one basically. Found a cheap deal on Soul Seeker, thought why not. picked up a tally, with 71% ratman killer for 10k. it worked a few times last week great. TODAY however..... I was trying the one w clockwork scorps, and doing ok, ... until all 3 types of rats started popping up. I was on the bridge in between Scratch and Chitter sides, and ribbon phase 2's are coming over at me, the henchrats from behind. so gibbed, made the long run for the rez, got mobbed by all 3 types again. Just as I clicked on corpse it poofed, natch. That being said, there are still respawns coming up of the 3 different types in all 3 areas. Never, seen that before. Have I been lucky then, or is something indeed borked ?

Yeah they are just ratmen, but when they are all the next phase, cant use EOO since at that step it ids each type seperately.