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Rares Fest (Village)

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator
July 16, 17 18

Kijustsu Anei Village has been given the honor of hosting the Raresfest vendor malls in our town. I wanted to outline what our responsibility is and even go a little beyond what was outlined to us.

Establishment Responsibility
-Vendor Malls
-Teleport Hub

Imperium Responsibility
-Visitor Protection
-Look and Feel of a player run town

Events Held inside the Village

Play Neos Day Out 97/98 - (Village)

Opening Ceremonies - Demon Slayer
(Between Vendor Malls)

Lotto #1 - Demon Slayer
Lotto Drawing #1 - Demon Slayer
(Between Vendor Malls)

UO Trivia Questions - Demon Slayer
(Between Vendor Malls)

Lotto #2 - Demon Slayer
Lotto Drawing #2 - Demon Slayer
(Between Vendor Malls)

Lotto #3 - Demon Slayer
Lotto Drawing #3 - Demon Slayer
(Between Vendor Malls)

Closing Ceremonies - Demon Slayer
(Between Vendor Malls)

Visitor Protection
We will need to create a village Militia that can protect from anyone leading monsters to the area or summoning Harbingers. We will need to appoint some leaders to organize this so if your interested please let us know. Anyone can join the militia (They don't need to join a guild.) We will have special outfits made so they are known guards. Plus this also gives the feel of a town guard. So ask around and we have a rather large alliance so lets see what we can throw together.

*For you smarty people...yes I know we don't really have a town guard but for this we sorta need one :gun:.*

Look and Feel of a player run town
We would like to give the visitors the experience of a player run town. Try to open establishments like, Savage's Orc Stew stand, Lemonade stand, Love potion stand. Maybe chase a rouge through the streets. Cut off someones head. Crafters can make free clothing or armor for visitors. (If you have ever been to a Renaissance fair go with that.)

Now we don't want to outshine the Raresfest or derail it but we would like to give people and unique experience here on Chesapeake.


We will have more information but for right now we would like to focus on this. If you guys have any ideas or something you want to do then please let us know. People will be all over the village and other places exploring. So we want to represent our community to the best of our ability.