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[RAD] Radiance Brotherhood - OPEN recruitment

  • Thread starter Drakaniel
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Guild Name & Abbreviation
Radiance Brotherhood, also refered as Radiance.
RAD is the abreviation.

Drakaniel and Brixonna.

theblackman, Helera Helix

Guild Type:
PvX, with a focus on WvW.
We're a branch of a big guild in another MMO which focuses on PvP (would correspond to WvW in Guild Wars 2). However, we always managed a family spirit in our 200 members guild. We're aiming to a brotherhood spirit in our GW2 branch.

Recruitment Process:
Our recruitment is currently open, which means anyone who feels like we're the right guild for them are welcome to join us.
For practical reasons, recruits are asked to fill in a application form for us to learn more about them but mostly to have a list of people to invite right when the game launches.
To apply, follow this link : Radiance Brotherhood | Join Radiance

Age Requirement:

Activity Level of the Guild:
Casual to very active. We have a good player core who would be described as very active.

Primary Server ( This is for world PvP):
We haven't settled which server as of right now, but we're looking at Gate of Madness.

Is the guild race specific:

Guild Events:
Yes, both officer and members hosted. We believe in cooperation in the creation of events for the guild.

Ways of communication:
Teamspeak and guild chat (we like an active guild chat ! :D )
One of our key communication feature is also our forums.

Time Zone of Guild:

Radiance Brotherhood | Radiance guild (Guild Wars 2)


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LOL! I did it. I am the Managing Editor and my bad. I should of worded that better. Sorry I was rushing. Your welcome and if you need anything just ask. I am here for anybody that needs anything under my power to do.