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R3 Guild Auction 8pm Pacific Time 2/10/2013, Tomorrow!

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Hello everyone,

Kahlan is having some technical difficulties with excel at the moment due to a new computer. Please note as always, it will be held at the same auction house with runes on the ground and/or someone gating. There will be questions to answer for prizes as usual!!!!! Yay fun.

The following is the list of items for tomorrows auction (please take a look):

Set of 5 Heritage Tokens 0.5mil min
Heart of Compassion 5mil min
10 Snow Tiles 0.1mil min
EM Kasaven Sash 0.5mil min
120 Parry 0.2mil min
8th Anniversary Token 0.3mil min
Set of Arties 0.5mil min
Ethy Horse 2mil min
Berserker's Scythe 0.5mil min
120 Archery 1mil min
5+ Stealth Cloak 0.5mil min
Replica Sorcerer's Legs 0.5mil min
10 Grass Tiles 0.1mil min
Round & Stealable Lamps 0.5mil min
The Wanderer 1mil min
120 Bushido 3.5mil min
Verite Hammer 1.5mil min
Dread Priate Hat 0.5mil min
Set of Mini House Deeds 1mil min
120 Throwing 0.5mil min
Evil Furny Tokens 1.2mil min
Weapon Engraving Tool 2mil min
Shrouds of Shadows 0.5mil min
Eye of Newt 1mil min
Cursed Armor of Fortune 1mil min
Reading Glasses of the Arts 5mil min
120 Tactics 10mil min
Pilots Wheel Deed 5mil min
Quill of Justice 5mil min
Imbued Suit 10mil min
General Spellbook 1mil min
2 Blessed Dresses 0.1mil min
Mesanna Poinsettia 0.25mil min
Gazer Statuette 0.5mil min
Luck Vesper Shield 0.3mil min
Tear of Sacrifice 5mil min
Skeleton, Worm, Gazer Costumes 2mil min
Black Napa Mesanna Rose 20mil min
Catskills Rock & Bell 5mil min
Exodus Teknology Rune 50mil min
Not open for further replies.