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Quick inscription question


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I have returned after a long break and decided to add inscription on to my mage/mystic. I have 120 magery and will soon be GM inscription. 98.4 at time of writing. I am making 8th circle spells for gains and spell books while I'm waiting on mana. I'm getting some slayer books but I was wondering if luck has an impact on properties / intensity for spell books? Anyone done any testing on this? I am trying to get a full set of slayer/ super slayer with other bonus lime sdi etc.


I believe the properties are skill based only, but someone else would have to weigh in. Higher skill in magery/mysticism produces more mods with higher intensities on the respective books.

I can confirm that the casting skills do not have to be real skill. Was at sub 80 magery making books and getting no mods. Threw on a piece of jewelry to get into the 80s and was getting 1 mod. Threw on another to get into the 90s, 2 mods on books.


Seasoned Veteran
Yes I believe it is skill based only. There is a talisman you can get with Guaranteed Spellbook Improvement that can help.