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[PvX] Redemption - A Casually Serious Community [U.S. Eastern]



1. [PvX] Redemption - A Casually Serious Community

Who We Are
Redemption is a brand new Gaming Community that is being established by a handful of very experienced gamers. We hope to be the ones that redeem your idea of guilds, gamers, and gaming in general by establishing a community that is founded on 3 very important Core Beliefs.
Core Beliefs
Kinship, Integrity, Purpose

Gamers join gaming communities to create connections with people of similar interests. This desire to network and create lasting friendships is the essence of our belief in the importance of kinship.

Each phase of the journey to kinship is based on integrity.
Just as integrity relates to the "soundness” of a structure, the entire community atmosphere is based on the level of esteem with which we regard one another. On a surface level it means that good conduct and character must be exhibited in all forms of communication (games, forums, chats, and Mumble servers). On a deeper level, it means that each player must realize he or she represents the RGC to the world. The personal integrity of each RGC member, displayed in words and actions, serves as the calling card for the RGC and has influence on future recruitment.

In addition to fulfilling a desire to belong and finding a place that regards each new gamer as an equal, a gamer coming to RGC finds a place where he or she can make an immediate impact. Gamers in RGC fulfill their purpose by engaging the community in discussions concerning the games that they are passionate about; posting tips, strategies, and news relevant to games that interest the community; and actively participating in Mumble chats, guild meetings, and gaming sessions.

In summation, RGC is a collective of gamers who are bound by a sense of camaraderie, vigilant to regard others more highly than themselves, and strive to share their passion for games in order to create a community of excellence for all gamers.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking to recruit a select few people who agree with the Core Beliefs set forth, as well as the guidelines that are outlined on our website. People that are Loyal. Dedicated. Active. Mature. Fun. We are looking for people who want to give their best to the Community, and still maintain a life outside of it.

What We Are NOT Looking For

People with an Elitist attitude. People that are vulgar, trolls, selfish, or rude. A full time commitment, your life is your own.
If You Like What You See...

Please visit our website

Or send me a PM.