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[PvP] - UO's "Gimplate of the month" phenomenon, challenge it!


Ah Beng

I made the following post on UO Hall. The point of the post (is not to boast about pvp prowress, but), is to encourage everyone to have fun creating your very own char template; together with your own unique combination of gear and strategy, you can truly own a unique piece of UO.


You would be well-advised, assuming that the "honesty" referred to in your subject line is your actual goal, to not judge the rest of the game by the 1% to 10% or so of the people who regularly PvP.

Not to mention that I've never been all that sure if the perpetually-changing conventional wisdom of PvP is all that accurate even for PvP. The successful PvPers (at least some of them) seem to revel in defying conventional wisdom and coming up with unusual combinations. Many of which, I must state again, are still effective.

My only character of note, Galen, has been a chiv-warrior for years. Biggest change was archery to swords. And he's done fairly well despite the changing seasons.

[/ QUOTE ]

Agreed. Precisely. The way I see it, I do not pigeonhole or be prejudiced to judge players as either PvMers/PvPers or Trammies/Feluccans. What one player says (eg. "UO has no diversity, there is only 1 or 2 viable gimplates to choose from") doesn't speak for the other pvpers, or pvmers, or whatever. He speaks only for himself.

As Galen's player has noted wisely, and has experienced this firsthand himself, I too, have a pvper char that has a unique template as far as I know - no one else appears to have a similar template (ie. combination of skills) to my char. And pvp wise, I've not lost to anyone 1-on-1 since I created this template many months ago. That's not to say I kill everyone (if the other guy is as good as me, we draw), but I've managed (due to specific marriage of template, equipment and strategy) to achieve something worthy in pvp - I (and *you* can, too, with the right template, equipment and strategy) will never lose (ie. die to) any other pvper one-on-one, a draw can always be forced. (admittedly, dismount tamers are a real pain, but as long as it's not a gank, as long as it's still one-on-one, I will certainly survive and draw, at the very least).

This is the unique strength of UO, allowing players to truly own their personal, creative effort of a template.

If I were to simply post my template here, or on any forum, pple will do either 1 or 2 things :
1) They think it's a just another pvp boast, and/or
2) They'll find ways to knock it down verbally (know-it-all armchair generals spot all the weaknesses)

Besides, I'd like to encourage everyone to continually experimenting and creating new templates.

Admittedly, there are always gimplates-of-the-month, like bushido, or archery, and these are by consensus indeed the most effective template overall, BUT because every player (heck, every human being on this Earth) is unique, there will most certainly be a unique combination of template, equipment and strategy, that is most suited or compatible, for you and you only.

Find it. And enjoy UO.