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PvP Tournament: Necro vs Mystic Mage

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Fare Trade

Stratics Veteran
Date: 1/15/13
Time: 7pm EST
Location: TBA
Admission: 5mill (due at sign-up)
Prize: 20mil. (minimum)

Basic Suits ONLY
-NO: HPR, Casting Focus, Eater Properties (NOTE: 5% Kinetic is permissible due to Cloak of Augmentation. This is the ONLY eater property permitted for the sake of the robe. This 5% should be the TOTAL eater value on any suit that has this cloak. Lavalier is NOT permitted. The new eater shoes are NOT permitted since this piece is strictly for eater purposes.)

Suit inspections will be performed on each contestant just before the Wall of Stone is cast. NOTE: Any contestant caught putting on banned items after inspection will be IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED.

NO: pots (heal, cure, refresh, strength, dexterity, conflagaration, etc.), poisoning (skill), apples, trap boxes, heal stones, spell stones, protection, magic reflect, omen bugging (or any other spell bugging). Repeat bugging oneself is not permissible and will result in DISQUALIFICATION. Debuff spells may not be cast on oneself (weaken, clumsy, feeblemind)

NO: spell forms (wraith, stone, etc)
Necros cannot summon any familiars.

Each duel will last 5 minutes. If both contestants are standing after 5 minutes, a "DRAW" will be issued. The two contestants will step aside and allow one duel to transpire between two other contestants. After that duel is complete the two contestants who had the "DRAW" will rematch and fight to completion.

To be fair to all contestants please no moving around, casting spells, chatting or any other distracting actions during the tournament. Please stand perfectly still for the least amount of lag. We expect a good turn out so lag may be inevitable. Let's not add to it.

The duel location will be kept confidential until the eve of the event or an hour or so before. Please be prompt.
Contact me on icq to rsvp and to meet with your deposit. FYI: A ledger will be kept of all contestant names with icq numbers.

Please only contact me to rsvp and arrange a meeting time. All questions may be posted to this site. I will check daily. Thank you. 601-202-073

This is a tournament to prove skill and whit. This tournament is to settle the chatter about who is the better kiiller (skill for skill), Necros or Mystics, Evil Omen or Spell Plauge Spirit Speak or Cleanse Winds. You decide. Bring your "A" game...Leave with gold!! All gimps & lames aside
Not open for further replies.