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[Suggestion] Publish 81 - Bows

Barry Gibb

Of Saintly Patience
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Publish Notes 2013 Feb 01 11:09 GMT

  • Repeating Crossbow, / Weapon Speed 2.75 seconds / Current Speed 2.75s / unchanged
  • Magical Shortbow, / Weapon Speed 3 seconds / Current Speed 3.0s / unchanged
  • Yumi, / Weapon Speed 3.25 seconds / Current Speed 4.50s / -1.25s :)
  • Elven Composite Longbow, / Weapon Speed 4 seconds / Current Speed 4.0s / unchanged
  • Bow, / Weapon Speed 4.25 seconds / Current Speed 4.25s / unchanged
  • Composite Bow, / Weapon Speed 4.5 seconds / Current Speed 4.0s / +0.5s :frown2:
  • Crossbow, / Weapon Speed 4.5 seconds / Current Speed 4.5s / unchanged
  • Heavy Crossbow, / Weapon Speed 5 seconds / Current Speed 5.0s / unchanged
I am not in favor of the proposed changed to the Comosite Bow. The proposed change increases its speed by 0.5s, putting it at the same speed as the Crossbow. This change reduces the appeal/significance of the Crossbow. The Crossbow has a range of 8, which is 2 less than that of the Composite Bow (range of 10). The only trade-off between these two weapons would be their respective special moves, with a clear disadvantage in range to the Crossbow.

The trade space with archery weapons includes four elements:
  1. Speed
  2. Damage
  3. Range
  4. Special Moves
Publish 81 will rebalance the speed and damage of all weapons, which effectively couples them as one tradeable element. The NEW trade space for Archery weapons will be:
  1. Speed / Damage
  2. Range
  3. Special Moves
The player should have to trade-off at least two of these elements, for each weapon to have its place/useablity. The "bows" (arrow ammunition) trade two of the elements (speed/damage and special moves) amongst themselves, since they are all the same range. The "crossbows" (bolt ammunition) allow the player to trade all three of the elements (with reduced range bringing either higher damage or faster shots).

I suggest one of the following alternatives:
  1. Composite Bow is the same speed as another "bow". It would be more fair (to the Crossbow) to put the Composite Bow at the same speed as another "bow" type, this would simply be a choice of special moves between the two "bows" and not eliminate the trade space of the Crossbow. OR
  2. Composite Bow at the 3.75s This speed is not occupied by any other bow. This would allow the Composite Bow to be traded equally against the other "bows" AND not deminish the trade space of any Archery Weapon. OR
  3. Elven Composite Bow at the 3.75s; Composite Bow Speed Unchanged The Composite Bow could remain at its current 4.0s speed and the Elven Composite Bow cold take the 3.75 speed slot (since they currently have the same speed). This may give a boost to the special moves of the Elven Composite Bow, to bring them on par with others (such as AI).
The proposed change to the Yumi is a good. Currently the Yumi is the same speed as the Crossbow, its greater range is offset by slightly lower damage. This change opens up the trade space of the Crossbow.

I prefer either Alternative #2 or #3, as this gives the player the most flexibility when chooshing a weapon.

Stayin Alive,



Stratics Veteran
bows in not even the big issue here on this patch. mass changes are what the focus should be nothing ever has come good from mass changes like this. new dupes come out exploits for the next 6 months come out. nothing good comes from it. that's what everyone needs to be focusing there attention too. also another thing is the duping of items in game. the the DEV's just put that on the back burner. there are much more issues in UO then lil stuff such as bows that prob need to be addressed


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I appreciate your post Barry, it was an interesting take on the Archery changes, and an angle I had not been thinking about. I can envision two of the changes you have suggested, #2, and #3 are both good options with their own respective advantages, especially important in my opinion as both would also cut back on the amount of "slow" weapons in game.
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Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Hold Composite Bow at 4,0 and good white damage bump up to the same as soul glaive white 4,0s too.

All other is to slow ^^