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provocation shadowguard


Stratics Veteran
how useful do you find provocation for this encounter?
i am aiming to run taming mastery

120 tame
120 lore
94 disco (ring, brace = 120)
79 music (ring, brace, mask, talisman = 120)
79 provo (ring, brace, mask, talisman = 120)
62 vet (ring, brace = 90)
115 magery
51 med + 10 balakai


Stratics Veteran
Unless you are running a mastery for your pets, I probably wouldn't use it. You just need an area of effect spell to take out the adds (wither, essence of wind, meteor swarm, hail storm, etc). Provocation takes too much time in my opinion if you are trying to provoke each target on to the boss or each other.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Glorious Lord
Provocation is great in all rooms, and also on roof, but can be tricky against anon and healing from being in earth ele form.