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Project Discovery


Lore Master
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With the latest patch, a thing known as project discovery has gone live. I've been doing a lot of it.

You can find out about it right here.

But if you don't feel like reading it. Basically for the benefit of medical science there is an endeavour to map the human protein atlas. Much of the process is automated but the analysis of the hundreds of thousands individual protein images cannot be replicated by a computer at this time.

This is where leveraging a large community like EVE comes in. It's not that difficult and you can earn rewards, claim you have actually helped RL medical science, and have fun!

Just look in your Neocom and select project discovery. You can participate from any station - from the lowest bowls of nullsec to the super busy systems of wherever. If you're new, you'll be given ten practice images to work on. And beyond that even if you screw up - accuracy is by consensus. You aren't going to wreck anything. But you can get better and earn more rank and rewards as you go on.

It's a worthy cause, it's fun, and you get stuff. So do it.