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[Atlantic] PrePatched 1007 hp, 4.0 Greater Dragon for Sale


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Extremely Rare: Hits 1007, sta 137, mana 653, str 594, dex 125, intell 653, wrestling 120.3 tactics 108.3, resist 96.5, anatomy 100, magery 114.2, eval intell 100, med 100. Resists: 76/71/50/55/75. Highest bid so far 35M. my icq#208464346
Atlantic shard. Ill try to post pics.


The rarity of being over 1000 may be well worth the price but my god that is a bank sitter at the Nth power.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Ok just for your informatino here are the MAX post tamed stats

Hits 999
Stam 117
Mana 607.5
Str 1282.5
Dex 133.2
Int 607.5
Phy 85
Fire 90
Cold 55
Energ 60
Poison 75
Wrestle 130.5
Tact 126
Resist 126
Anat 0
Mage 126
Eval 126
Med 0

And i am sorry but ther str and resist on your pet are just junky? Teh 1007 HP was created by cursing the pet while it was being tamed, that is the real only boot it has.

I hope you do get the 35 mil for it