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Podcast #2 ~ Pay for Instant 90 Boost?


WoW Staff Writer | WoW Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Check out the full article: http://wow.stratics.com/interviews/wow-stratics-podcast-2-pay-for-instant-90-boost/

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the official WoW Stratics Podcast!
The project is a joint effort by everyone here at the WoW Stratics writing team, and challenges topics regularly with special guests, interviews, news, community integration and much, much more!
Our Hosts include:
Syiler, the Managing Editor of WoW Stratics,
Metro; a 25 player heroic raider and raid leader of the guild <ONE> at Firetree Horde US,
Samkos; A relatively new player to the game, and
Meoni, a fellow 25 man raider and resident timekeeper here on the show!
This episode features our varied opinions on the topic, and its implications specifically in regards to whom will be most effected and what it means for the game going forward. Without question, its a very diverse topic and we all had strong feelings on it going into the cast, so we opted out of a guest this week for the sake of brevity. Look forward to more guests to come with subsequent episodes!
The Podcast is available on the site as a stream and on our official Itunes channel, available free to download for your listening pleasure, no matter where you are!
So what are you waiting for? Go listen in today!
If you have any comments or opinions on the shows content please do head over to our forums for an in-depth discussion!



Stratics Veteran
With the added inclusion of recent changes, my opinions have generally changed for the level 90 purchase. Blizzard have this fantastical way of making a potentially bad / disastrous decision into something i can actually completely support the next.
If you're unfamiliar of the changes to the implementation of the feature, then it was confirmed that players who purchase the level 90 characters will have to actively play their characters at level 90 for all the abilities the class would usually have at level 90 to unlock, similar to that of the gated unlock of abilities/spells whilst you actually level.
This actually adds a firewall that was needed for such a feature, and combined with the gated Proving Grounds entry into LFR modes, this will surely mean that those who 'Ebayed' their characters will be at a much higher skill / quality when you come to play with them in game.