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Please Read! Forum Info, FAQ and More! (UPDATED 5-15-03)

Not open for further replies.

Neon Ninja

GM Stealing
GM Snooping
GM Mage
GM Meditation
GM Evaluating Intelligence
GM Wrestling
GM Hiding/Resist <font color=red>(note: this determines if you are a thief who packs a punch, or a mage with some stealing, so to speak- obviously if you chose hiding you'll be more thief then mage, and vice versa). </font color=red>
This template is EXTREMELY effective when played right. With a 720 skillcap you can consider raising mage/eval to 110 each, or wrestle to 120, or whatever you see fit.

Neon Ninja

GM Stealing
GM Snooping
GM Healing
GM Anatomy
GM (Any fighting skill- fencing is popular)
GM Tactics
GM Hiding/Resist [red(see the note on the mage thief) </font color=red>
Once again, a template that packs quite a punch when played right. Consider raising pretty much any 2 skills you see fit to 110 each with a 720 skillcap.

Neon Ninja

GM Stealing
GM Snooping
GM Wrestling
GM Arms Lore
GM Hiding
GM Healing
GM Anatomy
Consider dropping a little bit of your healing/anat for some magery, or maybe using the extra 20 points with a 4 year vet skillcap if it's availible, because you will want a meathod of transportation. The disarm thief has almost no abilities to fight back, but his signature move is the ability to snag a warrior's weapon right out of his hands (using disarming which uses arms lore and wrestling), leaving him defenceless.
Which brings us to how to disarm steal:
There is a very fine technique to disarm stealing- firstly, use some sort of skill/item which brings up a target cursor to get the weapon in your opponent's hands on last target (by targeting it). Now, hit a macro to turn "on" disarm (it's a UO in game macro in the options pannel), and hit your stealing macro (assuming you are already attacking them, otherwise, attack them- it is required to disarm... so don't try this in the guardzone, folks). Simply run up to your victim and when you see "You successfully disarm your opponent!" in the lower left corner, hit last target to snag the weapon from their backpack.
See section 1.10 for more info about disarm.
NOTE:Remember that with AoS wrestling/arms lore is no longer necessary for disarming (see section 1.10). Modify your template accordingly if you wish.

Neon Ninja

So, now you wanna know how to pull off your thefts?
Move in closer my friend....

First off, something you have to learn to do, is to set items to last target.
Although not essential, it's very usefull!
I recomend you make a macro for UOA which looks like this :
Use item &gt; your newbie dagger
Using this, there is no delay in setting the target (as there is if you were to use, say , Arms Lore)
If you dont have UOA, you might want to try an Arms Lore macro, or anything which brings up a cursor.

Another Macro you need to make, is the actual Last target macro. This can easily be done using uo's built in macro's, or if you prefer, using UOA

Neon Ninja

So now you know how to make a item last target, whats it good for?!?
Well, using last target, you can steal items without having someones backpack open! Very usefull!
You do this by setting a item with last target first (we'll say, an apple in bobs pack)
Now, bob has noticed you snoop him! So he moves away, but , as you have his apple on last target, thats not a problem
Press your macro for steal, this will bring up a cursor.
Now, approach bob either in a discreet manner, or, my personal favourite, just run right by him!
As you pass his him, press your macro for last target.
This will cause you to automatically target the item which was last targetted , which happens to be his apple!

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Neon Ninja

Okay, so now you know how to steal like that, let me throw in a few more variations.
Using the disarm skill, it is possible to disarm a weapon and then using the last target technique, steal it VERY quickly.
When you have perfected the timing, it is possible to nullify UOA's auto arm function!

Neon Ninja

Heres an alternative for last target stealing.
This is also very good, but there is a slight delay.
Make a macro for
Use skill &gt; Stealing
Last Target
Set to a single button, this is a easier, if slightly less efficient way of last target stealing.

Neon Ninja

Some tips on Snooping someone!
First of all, you can only open a bag if you are directly next to someone, however, if you snoop someone and then they run away in fear, as long as you dont move, there backpack stays open (assuming they dont run for miles!)
So this allows you to have a look at there main pack without too much trouble.
Another tip is to set their backpack as last object (make a macro using uo's inbuilt macro's) and keep your finger placed on it as you walk by.
You can walk by them , open there pack and continue to walk a further 2-3 tiles, and then have a look at there main pack.
A lot of people will not realise they are even being snooped!
If you need to snoop deeper into there pack, try walking by them again, once again having the bag you want to open on last object.

Neon Ninja

Its all very well knowing how to steal, but how do you find your marks?!?
Well, places popularity differs from shard to shard, but usually you can find marks :
Buc's Den - Here, usually many pvp'rs can be found, also a few thieves Expect lots of regs, bandies, and some okayish weapons.
Yew Moongate - Seems to be the new home of pvp on many shards. Also many thieves! Dont expect many rares to be found here!
Champ Spawns - Obviously, not much to steal here, apart from powerscrolls! I recomend to do so, open up as many peoples packs as you can, also keeping there gump next to there pack . Then, dont move. Once the champ has been and gone, you will see who has scrolls, and you can steal (but be quick!)
Banks - Every bank is differnt. You cant expect the same items at all banks. I find Brit Bank to be the least rewarding, as a main bank, many people steer clear of it. Give Skara Brae a try, many people bank there, thinking its a thief free bank
All other moongates - Every moongate can have people there, but the most popular are Yew (as mentioned above) and Britan.
Healer huts - The most popular one being Britan Healers, you come across many a soul who have died and have resurected with all there loot on them! Nice weapons can be found here, along with the occasional Powerscroll!
NOTE: With AoS, healers have became an even better place for finding marks- people who don't have "auto-reinsure" on will be easy targets, allowing you to nab all their favorite "safe" items!

There are others, but its fun to adventure for yourself!

Post Extras:

Neon Ninja

A new technique has come along with the introduction of beetle's.
What you do is dismount, open your beetles pack, then steal the item you wish to, then place it in beetle and run away!
Usefull for guard zone stealing, because your beetle is safe from grey killers!

Neon Ninja

Stealthers! Probably the most hated class of thief! Once they have hidden, usually get away scot free!
Once you have stolen your item, try to make yourself scarce!
Once you have hidden, stealth away!
It really is that simple! Watch out for those with detect and tracking!
Also, Stealth is extra usefull for those who can use Etheral Mounts, as they can dismount and stealth away, and leave no trace that they have left the area!

A usefull tip for stealther, have invis items! If you use one, you can stealth straight from there!

Neon Ninja

Some final tips !
If you havent managed to quite get that gm hiding yet, you might want to try breaking line of sight!
what this means, is that if no ones avatar can "see" you , as in there is something in the way, your chances of hiding incrase greatly!
Try running behind houses for a easy hide.
When inside a house, even if you arent friended, you can usually seem to hide there.
Dont ask me why, but you can! So hiding on house steps makes it easier for you to pull off a hide
Dont carry to much! If your a thief, dont carry 100 of each reg, or to many of anything! You will most probably die a lot early on in your career, not to say that you wont later on :p So try not to carry more than you can afford to loose!

Final Note : I havent included every trick ,technique or every "hotspot".
For the simple reason that, half the fun is finding it out yourself!
Enjoy :)

Neon Ninja

Simply put, UOAM tracks where you are in the world in any of the facets... it has many other powerful abilities, such as to link to other players and allow you to view their locations, communicate, etc. It can be found on stratics... read their official site for all its abilities.

Neon Ninja

Obvious, eh? Just about everybody who plays UO uses ICQ... but, be forewarned, there are some security issues with any "chat" program such as ICQ, so be sure to follow all their reccomondations. ICQ can be found at www.ICQ.com

Neon Ninja

There are a variety of "voice chat programs" out there, such as Roger Wilco, TeamSound, etc. which utalize a microphone attached to your computer to allow you to communicate to other people via voice rather then type.

Neon Ninja

The real reason this section exists:
UOA costs a one time flat fee of $10 and can be obtained at www.tugsoft.com/uoassist
It's suprising how few of people really know how to use UOA effectively, so I'll insert a very brief crash-corse here.
Firstly, if something isn't working, such as bandages not being applied at all when you hit a UOA button, count resources- this will fix the problem 99.9% of the time.
Under Resources-&gt;advanced, you can flag certain containers (trapped crates, trapped pouches, etc.) to not be opened upon a resource count.
Hotkeys: UOA allows you to make many things easier, including under the "key" tab the ability to bind "bandage self," "drink cure," "drink heal," etc. each to their own key. This is INCREDIBLY valuable- use it!
There is also an "Agents" section which allows you to move any kind of certain items into a certain container (orgainizer agent), sell all items of a certain type (sell agent), etc.
Macros are probably the best feature of UOA. Simply hit record and start doing whatever it is you want recorded and UOA will keep track of it (with the exception of dragging items and single clicks- UOA keeps track of things like "use skill #5, target item #z, use item #x, etc.- in other words, it interfaces directly with the UO code). Once you have recorded your macro, right click each of the items that appear in the window for the ability to modify exactly what they do- for example, "use item type" instead of "use item" will make it so UOA uses any item of the type you used when recording the macro that it can find rather then only the item you recorded. Also, pauses work in a scale of 1/1000 a second- so "pause 1000" is a 1 second pause, which can be inserted anywhere in the macro. When creating macros for snooping, armslore, etc. you will need to scale the pause according to how fast your ping/computer is- for example, some people find a 1000 pause in between snooping bags best, while others need a little more.
Pretty much anything in UOA can be bound to a hotkey, including macros.

Neon Ninja

Any programs not listed here which do not have "UO Pro" status and which interefere directly with the UO Client are strictly forbidden as "Third Party Programs" by OSI and are not allowed to be discussed on these forums, per the RoC.

Neon Ninja

The Thief Forum FAQ, by Snoopy the Neon Ninja
Revised last on 4/7/03

Before starting, please read:
The Rules of Conduct (RoC).
The Forums FAQ.

Before we begin,
If you came here looking to ask questions about or even talk about stealing rares from Doom or from town crates, or basically anywhere except from another player, you are in the wrong place. This forum is for the pickpocket profession and nothing else.
The correct forums are:
UO Treasure Hunter
UO Rares Collector

This FAQ was written not as a replacement but as an update to the one originally composed by Crazy Joe and Chaotic Jelly as there have been many changes to the game since their original FAQ and it was becoming difficult to keep both organized and updated.

Just about everything you could possibly want to know about thieving is in this FAQ, and if it's not, well let us know and it will be.

If you post on this forum asking questions which are answered in this FAQ, you run the severe risk of being flamed, insulted, etc. We're not trying to be rude (honest!) but these questions get old after a while, which is why we created this FAQ in the first place.

(4/5/03): The links should now be working properly again.
Section 1: General Thief Information
1.1: What is the difference between Trammel and Felucca?
1.2: How do I obtain the rares in containers on the groud/ where are they located/etc.?
1.3 Why do guards attack me when I steal from my packhorse?
1.4 Why do I get the message "the creature blocks your attempt" while trying to steal?
1.5 How do I join the thief guild/where is the thief guildmaster?
1.6 How does the disguise kit work?
1.7 What is perma grey and when can I be freely attacked?
1.8 Are items which seem "blessed" for a period of time after stealing legal?
1.9 When can I defend myself without taking a murder count?
1.10 How does "disarming" or disarm weapon work?
1.11 What can happen when I steal?
1.12 How do I protect myself from a thief?
1.13 What is Powerhour/Burst Hour/Guarunteed Gain System?
1.14 What are "IDOCs?"
1.15 What is a "crate?"
1.16 Spelling errors that may NEVER be made on this forum
1.17 What about AoS Blessed and Insured items? And containers?

Section 2: Gaining Skills

2.1 Introduction to post-16 gaining, the 8x8 meathod, and what to do when a skill is stuck
2.2 Stealing
2.3 Hiding
2.4 Stealth
2.5 Wrestling
2.6 Snooping (training info and an explination of how it works)
2.7 Arms Lore
2.8 Other skills (magery, resist spells, warrior skills, etc)

Section 3: Templates

3.1 The Pure Thief
3.2 The Mage Thief
3.3 The Thug Thief
3.4 The Disarm Thief

Section 4: Pulling Off the Theft (written by Zole)
4.1 Introduction &amp; Macros
4.2 Putting it to use
4.3 Disarm Stealing
4.4 An Alternative for Last Target Stealing
4.5 Tips for Snooping
4.6 Finding Marks
4.7 "Beetle Stealing"
4.8 Stealthers: The Slippery Ones
4.9 Final Tips

Section 5: Helpful UO Programs
5.1 UO Auto Map
5.2 ICQ
5.3 Voice Chat Programs
5.4 UO Assist
5.5 Other programs

Section 6: Complete List of Item Weights* and what can/cannot be stolen and where


There are also some other sites worth reading... not all of them are 100% thieving related, but they are still a good read, esp. if you like reading UO "episodes."
Neon Ninja's site
Crazy Joe's site
Adam Ant's site


Special thanks to: Crazy Joe, Chaotic Jelly, Zole, Zellorian, Lonegamer, Corran Horn, drewniu, and Grommit.

* Sections marked with a * and which are in green are copied from the original thief forum FAQ by Chaotic Jelly and Crazy Joe.

Neon Ninja

<font color=green>(All of the following post copied from the original FAQ by Crazy Joe). </font color=green>

You can only steal items that weigh a total of 10 stones or less. If you steal a pouch (the weight is 1 stone) the contents of that pouch must weigh 9 stones or less to be stealable.

There are many items in the game you can steal - weapons, armor, rares, etc. Here is a list that will hopefully be continously updated to show how much something weighs, and if you can steal it or not. Items in Bold are too heavy, and items in Blue are blessed and can't be stolen directly.

Publish 16 addition:
In dungeons/T2A, the only items which can be stolen are [cursed] items (including all powerscrolls EXCEPT +5 scrolls), gems, gold, and resources (this does not include reagents).
What you can steal in the 'overlands' has remained the same.

Armor and Shields

Bascinet 127 - 5 stones
Bone Arm Plates - 2 stones
Bone Gauntlets - 2 stones
Bone Helm - 3 stones
Bone Leg Plates - 3 stones
Bronze Shield - 6 stones
Buckler - 5 stones
Chainmail Coif - 7 stones
Chainmail Leggings - 7 stones
Chainmail Tunic - 2 7 stones
Chaos Shield - 5 stones
Close Helm / Close Helmet - 5 stones
Heater Shield - 8 stones
Helmet - 5 stones
Kite (Metal) - 5 stones
Kite (Wooden) - 7 stones
Leather Armor (Female) - 1 stones
Leather Bustier (Female) - 1 stones
Leather Gloves - 1 stones
Leather Gorget - 2 stones
Leather Leggings - 4 stones
Leather Shorts (Female) - 3 stones
Leather Skirt (Female) - 1 stones
Leather Sleeves - 2 stones
Leather Tunic - 7 stones
Metal Shield - 6 stones
Norse Helm - ? stones
Nose Helm - 5 stones
Open Helm - stones
Orc Helm - 5 stones
Order Shield - 6 stones
Plate Armor (Female) - 4 stones
Plate Helm - 5 stones
Platemail (Breastplate) - 10 stones
Platemail Arms - 5 stones
Platemail Gloves - 2 stones
Platemail Gorget - 2 stones
Platemail Legs - 7 stones
Ringmail Gloves - 2 stones
Ringmail Leggings - 15 stones
Ringmail Sleeves - 15 stones
Ringmail Tunic - 15 stones
Studded Armor (Female) - 6 stones
Studded Bustier (Female) - 1 stones
Studded Gloves - 1 stones
Studded Gorget - 1 stones
Studded Leggings - 3 3 stones
Studded Sleeves - 4 stones
Studded Tunic - 1 stones
Wooden Shield - 5 stones

Arrow - 1 shaft, 1 or 1 feather 1/10 stones
Axe - 4 stones
Bardiche - 7 stones
Battle Axe - 6 4 stones
Black Staff - 6 stones
Bola -- -- 4 bola balls, 3 leather -- Unknown
Bolt -1 shaft 1 feather - 1/10 stones
Bow - 7 stones
Broad Sword - 6 stones
Butcher Knife - 1 stones
Cleaver - 1 stones
Club - 9 stones
Crook, Shepherd's - 2 stones
Crossbow - 7 stones
Cutlass - 8 stones
Dagger - 1 stones
Double Axe - 8 stones
Executioner's Axe - 8 stones
Gargoyle's Pickaxe - stones (unknown)
Gnarled Staff - 3 stones
Halberd - 16 stones
Hammer Pick -9 stones
Hatchet - 4 stones
Heavy Crossbow - 9 stones
Katana - 6 stones
Kryss - 1 stones
Large Battle Axe - 6 stones
Longsword - 7 stones
Long Sword (Thin) - 1 stones
Mace - 14 stones
Maul - 14 stones
Pickaxe - 11 stones
Pitchfork - 10 stones
practice weapon (rare) - 1 stones
Quarterstaff - 4 stones
Scimitar - 5 stones
Short Spear - 4 stones
Skinning Knife - 1 stones
Sledge Hammer - 9 stones
Smith's Hammer - 8 stones
Spear - 7 stones
Two-handed Axe - 8 stones
Viking Sword - 6 stones
War Axe - 8 stones
War Fork -9 stones
War Hammer -10 stones
War Mace - 17 stones

Items and Other Misc Things

a backpack - 3 stones
a bag - 2 stones
Barrel - 25 stones (Closed or open)
Bear Mask - 5 stones
Basket (Empty Fruit basket) - 1 stone
Black Dye Tub - 10 stones (Reward Tubs can't be stolen)Pre-Patch tubs can (Rare though!)
Bracelet - 1 stone
Bottle of Pink Champagne - 1 stone
Bucket - 5 stones
Bulk Order Deeds - 1 stone
a champagne glass - 1 Stone
checks (Gold Checks) - 1 stone
Copper Wire - 5 stones
coupon for a free hair restyling - 1 stone
crates (small, medium, or large) - 1 stone
Crystal Ball - 10 stones (The Future Telling Balls are blessed)
deed for a holiday tree - 1 stone
Deer Mask - 4 stones
Dried Herbs/Onions/Flowers - 1 stone
Dye Tub - 10 Stones
Earrings - 1 stone
Empty Tub - 1 stone
Ethreal Statue (Horse, Llama, Ostard) - 1 stone
Fireworks Wand - 1 stone
Forged Metal - 5 stones
Full Jars - 2 stones
Fruit Basket - 5 stones
Fur - 10 stones
Horseshoes - 5 stones
Holiday Bells - 1 stone
holiday timepiece - 1 stone
House deeds - 1 stone (Can be stolen if it's a deed from a redeeded house)
Iron Wire - 5 stones
Jaana's Hangover remedy - 1 stone
Gold piece - 1/50 stone.
Gold Wire - 5 stones
Light - 1 stone
Pile of snow - 1 stone
Pillow - 1 stone
a pouch - 1 stone
Power Scrolls - 1 stone
Rings - 1 stone
Rock - 1 stone
Rocks - 1 stone
Rope - 20 stones
Scattered Hay - 1 stone
Ship Key - 1 stone
Silver Wire - 5 stones
Snow Globe - 10
Tribal Paint - 1 stone
Whispering Rose - 1 stone
Wris****ch - 1 stone


This is an Update to the FAQ posted by the wise Neon Ninja almost 3 years ago.

I do this to aid the brotherhood of thieves.

Much of the Information will refer to Neon Ninja's FAQ but updated sections will be put in place of outdated information.

I fully credit Neon Ninja for this FAQ and as such will leave in place any section of His work that I can.

Before we begin,
If you came here looking to ask questions about or even talk about stealing rares from Doom or from town crates, or basically anywhere except from another player, you are in the wrong place. This forum is for the pickpocket profession and nothing else.
The correct forums are:
UO Treasure Hunter
UO Rares Collector


Section 1; General Information

1.1 Trammel and Felucca Rulesets
1.2 Items contained in containers and in dungeons
1.3 How do thieves safely train stealing on Pack horses?
1.4 Why do monsters "block my attempt to steal"?
1.5 How can I join the thieves guild?
1.6 What is a disguise kit?
1.7 How do I keep some Items that I steal even when I die?
1.8 Why Can't I give murder counts when I'm PKed as a blue?
1.9 Why are other players allowed to loot my body in the Trammel Ruleset?
1.10 What can I steal from other players?

Section 2; Skill Gain

2.1 What is 8x8?
2.2 Stealing
2.3 Hiding
2.4 Stealth
2.5 Snooping
2.6 Ninjitsu

Section 3; Commonly Used Templates

3.1 The Modern Pure Thief
3.2 The Mage Thief
3.3 The Thug Thief
3.4 The Necro Thief


Section 1

1.1 The Trammel Ruleset does not permit theft, You may not steal from any player in the facets of Malas, Trammel, Ilshenar and Tokuno. The Felucca Ruleset is the ruleset that permits players to steal and murder each other. Theft is common place and honor exists only among thieves. Simply put, If you are a thief you should spend your time in Felucca.

1.2 As a thief you will not steal from anything other than your fellow player or his pack animals with the sole intent of taking what is his and making it yours.

1.3 Before attempting to steal from your packhorse, say "all guard me" or "[name] guard me" and make sure you recieve the message [pet's name] is now guarding you; if you are in a guild your pet's health bar/name will turn green.

1.4 Monsters can no longer be robbed anymore. The only time you will find yourself stealing from anything other than a player is when you train stealing on your packhorse or when stealing from somebody elses pack animal.

1.5 First, your character needs to be in-game for 48 hours. Second, your stealing skill must be 60. Third, you need 500 gold (700 more if you wish to buy a disguise kit). Then, all you need is the Thief Guildmaster (see below). Once you find one, ask them by name, ‘(name) join’. They will ask for 500 gold if you meet all the requirements; then just drop it on top of them. Then ask them, ‘name buy disguise kit’ and drop 700 gold on top of them again. Bank that Kit! Zip came up with a brilliant way to know when you are 40 hours old. As soon as you create your thief, go out and take ONE murder count (Don't worry, it's 5 murder counts where you turn red). If you say, "I must consider my sins", it shows you have 1 long term count, which takes 40 hours to go away! So basically, once you get rid of your murder count, you only need 8 more hours to join the thief guild... which, if you don't know, is the exact length a short term murder count lasts... so as soon as the long wears off if you wish to be REALLY accurate you can take another count, and when the short wears off then you are at the exact 48 hours.

So you want to also know how to QUIT the Guild? FOR SHAME! Just find any NPC Thief Guildmaster again, and tell them by name, "(name) resign guild"
If you wish to steal from actual players in addition to NPC's and Containers, you will need to join the Thief Guild, via the Thief Guildmaster. They now appear in random locations around every town. You will have to run around and bring up every NPC paperdoll to see if they are the Guildmaster. They do NOT reside in a single place for more than an hour, so there is no other way but to run around and look for him. I personally advise going to the city of Cove - it's the smallest town there is, and I always find him within 3 minutes. Be advised once you join the Thief guild, you may NO LONGER give murder counts to anyone that ever kills you. NEVER.*

Once you have joined the thief guild, not only may you no longer give murder counts, but you are FREELY lootable on ALL facets.

A helpful hint:
The thief guildmaster will have a yellow name if you have allnames on (as he/she is invulnerable) and will not have a title (ie. "the musician").
This should cut down the NPCs you have to search through considerably.

1.6 It will only work if you are in the Thieves Guild. Double click on it, then select what style of hair you desire. Once you apply it, bring up your own paper doll and see if your ‘new’ NPC name is acceptable – if not, use the kit again. You will notice that your hair turns bright white when you use the kit. You can always wear a hat, or simply use hair dye to cover it up. The kit will work for 2 hours in Real Time. It can NOT be removed, and you must play for 2 hours to have it removed. While disguised, you cannot cast Incognito or Polymorph.
Other things to improve your disguise are to raise your karma and get rid of your ‘Scoundrel’ Title and delete any relative text in your scroll that tips other off into knowing you’re a Thief. You can gain karma giving items to NPCs by dropping it on them. Ie: collect bags from monsters, and give them to the provisioner. Cycle your newbie clothes, and buy a dye tub. The objective is to not allow yourself to be recognized! Even go so far to dress and act like the Local NPC's!
If you know someone is using the Tracking Skill on you, don't think changing disguises will throw them off the track. The sure-fire way to break the tracking is to leave the area or cross server lines.
But for the thief on the go, you can always leave the disguise kit menu on screen, even while the kit is in the bank and you run off. Just move it to the bottom of your screen and bring it up when you need it, and you can change your diguise again and again. However, dying with it up can do very interestings things...
Be warned, if you quit the game while your disguise is on, you will notice your disguise name in your Login Menu instead of your thief's original name. You will also notice all your macros you recorded are also not working - this is because UO's code makes a totally new folder for this new-name character and has trouble keeping track of it.

1.7 For those of you who do not know, since Publish 16 sometimes items recently stolen will be "blessed" (that is, rather, that they cannot be lost by dying but can be lost by being stolen) for two minutes.
Here is the official word from OSI in early November 2002:

Lord-Xanthor - *Mocker* Why are items stolen by thieves now temporarily blessed? This allows thieves to keep stolen items after ressurecting, ensuring 100% success for a play style which involves 0 risk. They can even call guards on themselves. Was this intentional, or is it a bug?
Helios_OSI - It was an unintentional feature that we decided to keep in the game. It gives the Thief an extra plus.
Helios_OSI - Which isnt all bad.
1.8 Any player that is currently in the thieves guild cannot give a murder count when they are PKed even if they are blue when PKed.

1.9 Any member of the thieves guild is freely lootable in the Trammel ruleset facets.

1.10 You may steal any Item than is not blessed, insured, or "newbified". All stackable items as well as cursed items such as powerscrolls and stat scrolls are all open targets. You may not steal any item that is beyond more than 12 stones in weight. You may only steal from players in Felucca or from players that are in your guild, a warring guild or opposing Facet.


Section 2

2.1 8x8 was a skill gain method that no longer works as of publish 39.

2.2 To gain stealing, first grab a packhorse, head to felucca, and tell it to guard you. Now simply TARGET (not random) steal the appropriately weighted items which you place inside its pack over and over.
The general accepted weight to steal for gains is 1/10 your skill- ie. at 90 steal 9 stones, at 8 steal 8, and so on.
Pickpocket's dips are similar to training dummies for fighting skills- they are a house add-on made by carpenters which allow you to train stealing up to 25.

Your UOA macro should look like this:
use skill/cast spell -stealing
target -the target
pause 10500 -10500 is good for people with no lag... If you’re laggy might need to up this...
Do this for all targets on your pack horse.

Stealing is best gained using what is known as the Gold method.
*50 Gold = 1 Stone*
00-15 1 Stone
15-25 2 Stones
25-35 3 Stones
35-45 4 Stones
45-55 5 Stones
55-65 6 Stones
65-75 7 Stones
75-85 8 Stones
85-95 9 Stones
95-100 10 Stones

2.3 The current method to gain hiding is actually very simple. Use either UOA or UO to set a hiding skill macro on your space bar. Simply walk around the land holding down your space bar and you will gain as you run around. Hiding is a very useful skill for a thief on the run so it seems funny that the best way to gain hiding is to run around hiding.

Another method based on the same principal of moving around is to use a boat. Get on the boat and order the tillerman to "slow forward". Simply hold down your hide macro as you continue moving.

2.4 The assassin's forum had this to say on gaining in stealth
Again stealth is movement based so you should head out on a boat and start 8x8ing once you hit 80.1 hiding. But the difference from stealth is that its ALSO difficulty based, meaning you must "challenge yourself" for gains, or do it where you fail around 40% of the time.
Here is a Chart made by Lord Lythande that I and many others follow:
0-30 Buy from Thief Guildmaster
30-65 Stealth with only newbie clothes and a robe on
65-95 GM Full Studded Leather Suit
95-GM GM Full Studded Leather Suit and GM Close Helm
2.5 Snooping hasn't changed much over the years- the only big change was the anti-macro code implimented a few years back.
(A sure fire way to save time is to do place a bag in a bag in a bag in bag etc etc etc. Have a friend hold the bags for you. When you have snooped them all, close all but the top bag, then snoop again. He found that he kept gaining skill off of the same bags over and over. No need to change targets. With UOAssist, get yourself 1 bag, and 99 pouches. Snoop all 99 pouches off a buddy - and be nice and hold 99 pouches for him as well. I say 99, because the opening of pouches can be recorded with UOasssit to save your poor fingers from falling off for quite some time. Once you hit 85 skill, you need to actually get about 396 pouches and divide those into 4 bags and change bags often.)
The UOA macro should look something like:
Use Item (pouch)
Pause 1000
Repeated for all the pouches in the stack. Make one of these macros for each stack of pouches you have, and then simply play one macro with the corrosponding pouches on your friend, and if you gain repeat the macro; if you do not gain after going through the entire stack, simply move one to the next stack and next macro.

You will need a good deal of pouches- approx. 600.

Remember, snooping is considered a "target based" skill, which means that after each bag you snoop, if you do not gain, you will not have a chance to gain off that bag again until either you gain (off of another bag) or the server resets.
In plain english, that means if you gain off of one stack of bags, go ahead and try that stack again, if not, go to the next one. If you go through all the bags without gaining, you need to either get more bags or wait until the next day after the server goes down (resets).

2.6 See the Ninja Forum. This skill is extremely useful because it offers smokebombs, special ninja forms and mirror images.


Section 3

3.1 The Modern Pure thief template

120 stealing
100 snooping
120 stealth
100 hiding
100 Ninjitsu
This template gives you 160-180 extra skill points to allocate as you see fit.

3.2 The Mage thief

120 Stealing
100 Snooping
120 Magery
120 Eval
100 Meditation
120 Magic resist

You are left with 20-40 skill points left to use as you see fit.

3.3 The Thug Thief

100 stealing
100 snooping
100 healing
120 fencing
100 anatomy
100 hiding
80-100 poison(depending on your maximum skill cap)

3.4 The Necro Thief

120 stealing
100 snooping
120 necromancy
120 spirit speak
100 Magery
120 Meditation

You have 20-40 free skill points based on your maximum skill cap.


One little point that I just learned is that you need NPC's around when you are training stealing by stealing from a packy.

I was able to train up to 59 by stealing stuff from my beetle in my house, but then hit a hard wall. Gated to a bank and continued and started gaining again.

Hooded Figure

I used the packy and 1/10 weight item skill gain til about 50. I hit a massive 3 day wall, so I tried using kindling in the packy. If you stack the kindling in piles of 1's and 2's (5 stones and 10 stones) you gain faster and higher. As your skill increases, you may need to add from 1-2 to 3-4, etc. Good luck gaining
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