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(Player Event) Oktoberfest comes to Vesper!!!

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Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran

2013 Oktoberfest
It is time again for Oktoberfest on the Atlantic shard!!!
Vesper will host the big celebration
combining Harvest, Halloween and
of course, the excuse to be Hungover!!!
Saturday, October 19th at 7pm eastern.
Meet at the Mint of Vesper!!!
Each Town is invited to promote their finest beers and liquors & food faire
Please contact Khaleesi, Sunwolf, or Faeryl
for information on the set up. We ask that you dress to
represent a characteristic of your Town!!!
Make it fun!!!
The events that will be for this year will be
progressive in this order.
Costume Contest
Dress up in a costume! Be creative!
Act out the character!
This is sure to be fun
with lots of laughs to be had!
There will be no combat
so you are welcome to stay in costume.
Faeryl's Corn Maze
Something new and different and
probably the most involved event
we have tried during Oktoberfest.
Not too many hints on this one!
You’ll have to be present to find out!!!
Tinkering Contest
Yew has tried this contest before but
did not have enough interest.
Calling all Tinkers!
Come, test your knowledge,
see if you are the lucky victor seizing the trophy.
Corinthian’s Trick or Treat
Much like a scavenger hunt
Vesper will light up the town!
Will you be tricked or treated!
That is the question!
Everyone is encouraged to participate!
Not open for further replies.