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[Gardening] Plant Oddities question


Stratics Sr. Leadership team member
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In referring to previous posts and articles on the Peculiar seeds and plant oddities, I've run across a few areas where the information has a discrepancy or isn't quite clear. I'm hoping someone can clarify:

  1. It's been stated that the tribarrel cactus seed drop from boglings has been replaced by the possibility of a random seed, which can on occasion be the new flowery four-barrel cactus. Couple questions:
    1. Is this truly "replaced" (ie tribarrel cactus seeds no longer drop), or is it just that the seed "can" be something else instead, thereby simply reducing the chance of tribarrel cactus seeds?
    2. Is the "replacement" seed totally random (ie can be any type of seed, any generation/color, peculiar or not peculiar, etc.), or still limited to a chance at 1st gen seed/4 main colors + flowery four-barrel (+ or minus the tribarrel cactus depending on #1 above.)
  2. It's been stated that the "peculiar" family of plants do not produce seeds, and yet colored "plant oddities" are produced by crossings which are typically identified as being from peculiar seeds. Am I correct in assuming that the seed-producing "peculiar type plants" must have been generated from seeds propagated using the plain "cactus" seeds?
    1. If the above is correct, are the names for the seeds that will grow plant oddities any different than those from "regular" peculiar seeds?
  3. Re: Bonsai: can someone confirm that NO bonsai plant will produce seeds (even those created via the "plant oddities" bug/system?
Sorry if this series of questions is a little hard to follow; I've been trying to put together a single chart with all plants and properties for the new Stratics wiki and want to understand this as thoroughly as possible.

*for reference, I am primarily referring to:
UO2 Stratics Plant Oddities page
UO2 Stratics Fragrant and Peculiar Seeds page


I know this answer is a way too late, and probably you now know the answer. I am just leaving my answer for future reference.

For question 1,
  1. You can still obtain tribarrel cactus seeds, but now the odds are much smaller than 33%, being as rare as other random seeds.
  2. This random seeds not only include all 17 old-school plants, but also the (flowery) cactus and the vanilla.

For question 2, Yes.
For example, even if you get a non-hued spider tree from (flowery) cactus, it is simple 'plain spider tree seed' and not 'peculiar spider tree seed'.

The same is true for vanilla seeds, as (plain) vanilla seed does not stack with (peculiar) vanilla seed.
So I am assuming that 'plant oddities' are just a new family of plants which accidentally happened to use the same graphics as some peculiar family.

I haven't check the bosani plants, but I will update this answer as long as I get them.