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Plans and Counter-Plans


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Dramora watched on as Aedon carried on a conversation with his bird. She shook her head….a bird? She wondered about his sanity. In fact, she wondered about EVERYONE’s sanity!

The world was definitely different from when she left. Perhaps the many years of non-conflict softened everyone; made them all fat and happy without a care in the world. Well, one thing was certain; they would have to get stronger if they wanted to save their homes and families. Dramora had no doubt Mikael would have no trouble demolishing what pitiful defenses they currently had.

Aedon had set up a meeting with all of the “leaders”. She would go, however, the way things appeared, Dramora was not sure Gillian would accept ANY help. She seemed to be on a self-destruction path, and Dramora was not sure anyone could convince her to accept the help offered. Dramora wondered, more than once, if the Governor of Yew was somehow being swayed by the Hand. She would bear watching.

Standing in the small bedroom, Aedon had so graciously offered her, she suddenly realized what she needed to do.

She was through with hiding like some child afraid of the dark. That had never been her style anyhow, and although she appreciated that the Rangers wanted to use her as a trump card in the fight, the way things were going, she was certain that time would never come.

No, she knew the time was now to take the fight to Mikael and the Hand, before they got stronger. She was fairly confident that if she could get Mikael alone she could kill him. Without their leader, the Hand would crumble.

She first needed to speak with someone and garner what support she could.

Walking over to the small table, she rifled through the pack that held all of her possessions until she found the one thing she needed.

Softly, so as not to alert Aedon, she spoke the words to take her where the rune led her, and hoped she could find help there.

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Guardians of Virtue (GV)
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Aedon Durreah

Village of Aegis
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Stratics Legend
The morning dawned bright and clear, and with the new day renewed hope was stirred in his heart.

Sitting on the porch, Aedon enjoyed a cup of tea as he watched the sun creeping slowly into the sky. Before the rays, the darkness of the night withdrew as a mouse would before the advance of a cat. Today would be better than the day before, he thought. After tonight’s meeting we should have some solid plan to deal with the threat posed by the Hand. It was good to be able to enjoy this moment of peace. Aedon knew all too soon his life, and those of many others would be thrown into the chaos of battle. And this was a battle they must win.

He wished he had more information on the comings and goings of the Hand-some accurate measure of their strength-or at least a full list of the older members who had returned. All he knew for certain at this time was that their numbers were increasing rapidly. But let them grow; let them call forth as many of the underbelly of society as they could. If all went according to plan, most of them would be cleaned up, their hideout routed, and the lands made much safer in spite of the Hand.

Mikael was moving his plans along, but for all his plans, for all his guile he had not considered at all that Aedon might have something to use against him that might change things in Yew’s favor. He had never considered that someone from his past, someone else who knew him all too well had been added to the equation.

As this thought crosses Aedon’s mind he suddenly remembered that he had not yet taken her breakfast up. Setting his cup aside, he stood up, stretched a bit, and then walked into the house. He had already prepared the basket of food and drink, and it was sitting close at hand. Picking up the basket, he headed upstairs. Stopping before the entrance to the small room Aedon called her name a few times. He waited a wee bit between calls, but when no answer came, he became suddenly concerned. Putting the basket on a nearby table, he entered the room and looked around. The bed had not been slept in, the room set in proper order, and both armor and Dramora were gone. A sudden realization sprang to mind as he recalled her words from the night before- Plan B.

Slamming his hands on the nearby wall Aedon yelled out loud;

“Plan B, you damned fool of a woman what have you done? You could not wait could you, you had to go off on some fool’s errand and will more than likely get your blasted self killed. Plan B, why would you do this, why?”

After calming himself a bit, Aedon looked around the room hoping that she had left some message. Some hint as to where she had run off to. But there was no word, no note, and no hint. He wondered if she would be able to attend the meeting that night at all, or if her latest dash into foolhardiness would end only in her death, and the ruin of Yew. There was little he could do at this point but to carry on with the plans as they were. But as he saw those he had depended on one by one fall into blind madness or rage, he wondered, and feared for the future of his town.