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Tomorrow we will activate the Ellan Vanin keep as a new objective for battlegroups and zergs. Since the first announcement on Friday we did some minor changes:

The keep will have six guards and one lord plus two lvl 10 doors. If one realm kills the lord, this realm will have the ownership of that keep, like any other regular keep. While owning the keep, your realm will have an extra 15% bonus to keep raid rps.

Every 3 hours a timer resets. The realm that owned the keep when the timer expired will have an extra 15% bonus to keep raid rps until the next reset.

3 hour timer starts: Keep is neutral. Hibernia raids the keep. Hibernia gets 15% bonus to keepraid rps for owning the keep. Midgard takes the keep from Hibernia, Midgard now has 15% bonus to keepraid rps.
3 hour timer ends: Midgard owns the keep at the end of the timer. Midgard now gets an additional 15% keepraid bonus for the next 3 hours, no matter which realm owns the keep during that 3 hours.

3 hour timer starts again: Midgard still owns the keep. Midgard now has 15% bonus to keepraid rps for owning the keep and 15% bonus for owning the keep at the end of the timer. Albion takes the keep from Midgard. Midgard still has the 3h bonus from the end of the timer and Albion now has 15% bonus for owning the keep.
3 hour timer ends: Midgard will lose their 3h bonus from the first reset. Albion now has a 3h bonus for owning the keep at the end of timer.

Three hour timer begins again and so on and so on.

We will start with a timer of 3 hours. Depending on your feedback and experiences, we may change that.


Tomorrow we will do the first test of the reworked arena. The test will start at 8pm CET (in about 22.5 hours from now). We will do a short 30ish minute test during EU afternoon to ensure it works before the main test in the evening. The exact time of that pre-test will be announced via Discord and ingame.

To participate you have to be in a full group and your group leader has to register at the arena npc. Those npcs can be found in the border keeps as well as in the safe zone of the arena.

It is possible that the short pre test will have a smaller group size to ensure the matchmaking can be tested properly.

Initial ruleset for the arena:
- No realm timer
- Groupsize: 8
- No cross realm groups
- PvP ruleset to allow fights between groups of the same realm
- Matches between groups are instanced and consist of multiple fights (best of 3)
- Cooldowns will be reset only before the first fight against a group, ie at the start of the best of 3
- In addition to the normal kill rp, each fight will also grant 1000 rp to every member of both groups, like gvg
- Groups currently registered in the arena will be listed in /gvg list

arena commands:
/arena queued:
shows the arena queue
/arena info: shows arena instruction text
/arena ready: ready up in preparation phase, must be used by group leader
/arena unregister: unregister to avoid getting into new fights

how to - The Arena:
1. form a group of 8
2. the group leader clicks <register> on the registry npc either in your local border keep or in the arena safe zone
3. as soon as a group has been found to fight you, you will get ported to an instance
4. get ready for the fight, pets will spawn automatically on classes that can charm a pet
5. both group leaders have to do /arena ready
6. after a best of 3, both groups will be ported back to the safe zone
7a. if you want to fight again, just wait until the next fight starts
7b. if you want to stop, type /arena unregister and leave the zone via the teleporter