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Pet Revamp: More Details Please!


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It is hard to really to pick just one when you are using Crafting Terms as a Pet Revamp.
With Imbuing a pet are we going to be required to obtain certain items to imbue with? What are the Imbuing weights going to be? Are we getting a %100 success rate when we pick what we want?

The exact mechanic involved in adding/removing attributes to a pet is undecided as of yet, the use of materials hasn't been part of the conversations we've had thus far, so I don't see it being part of the implmentation. Adding things like saddles, armor, and equipment would obviously change that were we to go that route. I only used imbuing/reforging as means to demonstrate cherry picking attributes vs. working with a package of attributes. Specific questions like imbuing weights isn't something I can answer at this stage, or even if we will use a weighted point system like imbuing current does. Randomness will factor in some way, whether at the original spawning of the creature (the way it currently works) or some other mechanic. This will provide a fluid and more realistic simulation of real creature populations and prevent a diminishing of the need to continually tame new creatures.

With the Reforge method are we going to get a tool like a runic and will we have different levels we can pick.

Similar to my answer above, this is only to demonstrate the different strategies to select attributes.

Without some basic ideas of how you intend for us to apply the upgrades then it is hard to pick just one.

It's really a question of whether you prefer a more straightforward implementation of generic packages that allow you to choose a collection of attributes or whether you want to be the one deciding how to mix and match different attributes. The implmentation is irrelevant, it's really about your preferences in how much freedom you prefer to make changes and customize things.

Also since you are using Crafting Terms will there be a way to enhance our pets and will there be a Pet enhance tool in the store?

See above about this not being crafting.

Are you considering allowing us to be able to use these methods on existing 5 slot pets that are not at max capacity? If not then a lot of Tamers could be very pissed when our GDs become extinct.

I mentioned this briefly in a previous response. Leaving GDs as the end all/be all pet without changes in that creature to provide tradeoffs prevents any real progress towards the concerns that this feature hopes to address. Those concerns (the ones we hear the most frequently across all channels of feedback include:
  • I wish there were new pets to tame
  • Everyone uses Greater Dragons, fix it.
  • I wish X pet was useful again so I could use it instead of my Greater Dragon.
  • I wish I could customize my pets to make them more diverse.

Will we be able to make a new 5 slot pet that is greater than a Great Dragon?

See my above answer about the GD.

Without knowing some of the ideas/thoughts when you first came up with this is is hard to really say.
Can I turn a 1 slot pet horse into a pet with Rune Beetle abilities or are we going to be limited with the abilities that a pet already has?

Depends on the ability. Special creatures will continue to have special abilities. Abilities will likely be in line with the morphologies of the creatures they are on (You can't have a tailswipe ability on a creature without a tail)

How can we say we want this method of application when we have no clue as to what we are going to be able to apply.

See my previous answers, and the newsletter about the kinds of things you'll be able to change.

What are the basic parameters and what is going to be the max limits we are allowed?

See my previous post in this thread about determining a survivability quotient for each pet. Once we understand that, we can get a better sense of min/maxing these values.
Answers are inline above. Disclaimer: All information is subject to change.