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Pet Revamp: More Details Please!


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Reading the newsletter it sounds like a pet will naturally reach a level point while training it. He is using reforge and imbuing as examples of modification methods. With reforging you get an attribute from a group, but you cant choose the actual attribute. With imbuing you get to pick the exact attribute you want the pet to have.

Please don't make the gains cost us materials. Its enough of a pain to train up pets. At least for me.

What about 5 slot pets, will they be able to gain?

The exact nature of how 5 slot pets will be impacted remains to be seen. The first step from our end is to generate some survivability quotient to get a better sense of where all tameables currently stand in relation to each other. This quotient will take into account all stats, skills, and special moves. Once we have that information, we can get a better idea of what will happen to five slot pets. I can say that without altering the greater dragon to give it some tradeoff in terms of damage output, survivability we aren't going to get very far.

And will any pet type be able to increase its stats to a maximum level? Or do we still have to start with a high stat pet?

There will likely be some variation within individual species. Just like nature, individuals of a population have strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to get tamers out there taming and finding the strongest of a population (the alphas so to speak) should require some investment of time/skill etc.

What about rideable pets that take 4 or less slots, will you still be able to mount them when they reach 5 slots?

Still something we need to consider in terms of balance.

I think it would be nice to use two nightmares or fire steeds and they combine their killing power equal to a GD. Instead of a five slot nightmare.

Which tamables will be able to be advanced? Should we allow a rat , cat or dog be as strong as a GD?

Depends on the creature. The smaller models will unlikely be able to get to any level of uber-strength, but will have other advantages over larger pets of higher slot counts.

@Kyronix you opened this pandoras box, We need more detailed info if you want us involed.
Answered your questions above. Disclaimer: All of this is still very early in the planning stages and is subject to change.