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[Peacemaking] Peacemaking uses


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Stratics Legend

I don't know why, but I have a feeling that there's an aspect of peacemaking that I haven't understood yet. First of all, I'm fairly new to the game (by most people's standards, I've played for 3 years or so), so I don't know if this is something I've read from the old days of barding.

The use of peacemaking, as I see it, is to A) AE peace a bunch of monsters around you, to give yourself some time and fight them off one at the time/run away/etc. B) target peace, for pretty much the same purpose. This is a very general explanation, as in detail there are more uses, but overall it's peacing the mobs so they don't attack, until they are attacked first or peace wears off.

If I have a pet that's pounding on a monster, and I peace the monster - as soon as my pet hits the monster again, peace breaks right? Or is there a timer involved, or chance of my pet hitting it not breaking the peace effect?

I guess I could have summed this all up with: Is there a point (even if just theoretical) in chain-peacing a monster, that is under attack by me/my pet/my party?
And, are there other sides to it that I'm completely clueless of?

Thank you in advance
3rd year newbie Gust


Seems pretty much that you got the gist of it. just a couple things the length of peace varies by monster strength(very high lvl mobs will last about a milisecond with 120/120), also when mobs are peaced they can still defend(attack you back) whenever you hit them(used to be they didn't attack period, but this was changed awhile ago)


Babbling Loonie
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Targeted peace does NOT always break on damage. Area peace ALWAYS does.

If I recall correctly, there is now a % of chance your damage will break the peace. But if the monster's barding difficulty is 160 the % chance to break peace is doubled.


My tamer buddies LOVE me when i just sit on the sidelines and peace the gdrags/cu's they're trying to tame. Also, the peacemaking mastery spells are intense for pvp/pvm, mitigating huge amounts of damage over the course of the encounter.


The Grandest of the PooBah’s
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have a guild mate who is a peace grenade'r

i love it when she comes to help me tame.
but on the same note i hate it when she gets all worried and pulls the pin on the area peace right in the middle of a big fight.

i don't play with sound on so i can never hear it.... so I'm left wondering why my pet is all of a sudden wondering around aimlessly


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Targeted peace

Very useful for taming. For aggressive mobs, target peace, then start taming attempts. Having a buddy here works wonders. Wife and I always have out peace tamers hunt together.

2 chars chain-peacing a mob saves you alot of bandaids! Those things costs 2 gp a piece! 1 charge from a GM instrument costs

Area peace

For non-aggressive one that will become aggressive on failed taming attempts, have your buddy do an area peace after a successful attempt has started.

In dangerous situations, allows you to break combat and save your pet from a mob for a few secs to throw on a bandaid+gheal.

Lets you train pets in relative safety and break apart pet fights, esp if you are x-training pets with your buddy.

Saves you from "All kill" + Targeting boo boos from your guildie (you tend to be the last target after your guildie heals you, heh)

Allows you to break aggro if a mob targets you first, then sic your pet on the mob so that it will aggro your pet instead. Area peace doesn't impact honor gains.

Allows you to run gauntlets (with your pets too!) like fan dancers, peerless dungeons, some events.

There are also alot of less savory uses to mess with other players/scripters/pvm'rs/pvp warriors/pvp tamers...