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Pacific Action List for Sunday August 19, 2012 at 1:00 PM Pacific

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Come join us for a fun time at the Pacific Auction House. Great items and great fun. House is located North East of the Luna Moon Gate on Pacific. Huge Gold Checks as door prizes!!!

A "RARE" Bank Check for 1,000,000
Ornament Of The Magician
Rideable Polar Bear
Blanket Of Darkness
!!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!
Special Hair Dye 25,000
Small Flowerpot 150,000
Potted Tree 150,000
Ranger Armor Suit with Blaze AOS Sandals 150,000
Two Gold Soverein, A Silver Crown and a Copper Shilling 150,000

A Whispering Rose From Doctor Strange 75,000
Bulk Order Books -2 Barbed - 2 Horned - 2 Spined 50,000
Dye Tub Set (8 different tubs) 250,000
A Hatchet (practace Weapon) 100,000
Two Black Lamp Posts 200,000
Mailbox 50,000
An Interior House Key 350,000
A Whispering Rose From Mule 75,000
Two Candelabra Of Souls and a Cozy Elven Chair Rair Blue Color 150,000
Horrow 250,000
A "RARE" Bank Check for 1,000,000 1,500,000
Fire Pit Deed 150,000
Mystic Scythe 25,000
War Fork named "Arf" 10,000
A Whispering Rose From Buck Naked 75,000
Bloody Sash and aGreetings From EM Asiantam - Yamota 2010 75,000
Platemail Legs from Japan and a Black Cat 20,000
White Leather Dye Tub 50,000
Robe made from Antique Cloth 50,000
A Spear (practice weapon) 100,000
2 Heritage Tokens 500,000
Rideable Polar Bear 2,000,000
Cloak of Death 100,000
Ornament Of The Magician (Cursed) 500,000
10th Anniversary Sculpture with rare paint 100,000
Hephaestus (from Void Pool rewards) 3,000,000
Painted Saddle Glossy Fuscia 1,000,000
Painted Cocoon Glossy Fuscia 1,000,000
Mystic Guard painted Glossy Fuscia 1,000,000
Blanket Of Darkness 1,500,000
10 Level 6 maps 100,000
10 Dull Copper Hammers with 100 uses each 100,000
Heritage Token 100,000
Rune Beetle Carapace 100,000
20 Powders of Fortifying 1,000,000

Thanks From The Pacific Auction House CHECK OUT THESE SITES PLEASE
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