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Out of the blue, I got the UO bug!


It has been a REALLY long time, hopefully long enough to find a little forgivness for any of bridges I may have trolled so many years ago =). Anyway, I got the UO bug several days ago and am having a rediculous amount of fun running around solo-style in game. As I am running around I occasionally see little blips of days gone bye, like the design of the Brit Bank by Devilsown, or sadly the memorial to Lady Pheonix (which simply ripped a hole in my chest so wide you could see angels crying on the other side).

So, I saw several posts from a few of my favorite peeps of the past posted last year, and decided to pop in and say hi (issuing blanket appologies to anyone deservant needing one, and Hizzahs to all whom do not). So uhhm, hi to any peeps who may remember me or my toons as well give greatings to all those who do not remember me, and see if anyone still plays? I had to recreate my user names but I think this was it.

Some of my in game charecter names ( I had so many) where Hozincrants, Rhea, Marduk, Guildenstern, Hoz, Themus.

If anyone from the past stumbles accross this post, I just want to say thank you for being such an important part of my school/ college years. Some examples: Omnicron, I still use "Omgooses" in letters and emails to this day in the most inappropriate ways, so thanks for that my guy! Socron, one of the few guys who had more gold then me but ALWAYS hooked me up giving me my first artifact after 200+ doom runs, Gold... all the times we took out the Harrower and piggy backed the stat scrolls out under everyones noses, Drake... ya your a **** for introducing me to the game, UOJesus (maybe baby Jesus) I was there the first time you solo'd the Dark father .... first world first I witnessed in a game leading me to doing it myself countless times, Lord Courtier and Devilsown... just teaching me how to act right with other players via guild play, Time Lord for making me appologize for going at peoples domes on the forums, Fluffy Bunny teaching me to be top tear at PVP letting me own that dude from Atlantic who greifed me with his faster casting macro's ( who knew !!!). Kozmo for always making me laugh no matter how bad the spawn went...

There are just too many people to give shout outs to, but I hope some of these words find you guys and gal's well and you take time to update me on your lives :) . Well met!!! Hope to see you in game.
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Capt. Lucky

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Welcome back! Saw another returning player named Lord Help Me which I thought was funny :)