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Order of the Brew - Uldum US PvE Alliance


Stratics Veteran
Hi Everybody!
Order of the Brew is an alliance social guild on Uldum PvE US Server. We've been down for a couple of years, but now it's time to come back and play some WoW! The guild was originally created December 14th, 2004. We've seen other guilds come and go, big and small, and they've seen us go and now they're seeing us come back. Did that make any sense? Great!
Looks like a lot of people are in guilds these days, pretty much everyone, so recruiting may be slow or harder than it used to be, but we will be recruiting to fill our ranks with social players who want to do a number of fun things:
Hanging outing
Or just talking and generally being social, including sitting silent, creepily silent, and watching other people be social! ... ing.
This is a social guild, and is for anyone that doesn't want to trash-talk other guild members or (EXCLUDING TRADE CHAT, Trade chat is just too tempting so that's ok) make the rest of the guild look bad publicly.
When the guild was at it's peak with over 100 active members, we used to do an assortment of guild events to keep things fun and social:
Arena tournaments team and solo bracketed
Group continent-wide footraces
PvP main city raids (drunk in-game and some out-of-game)
Scavenger hunts
Other events I can't remember!
Of course some of those events can't be done anymore, like the PvP main city raids, due to reasons like ABSOLUTE DECIMATION OF PVP RANKING POINTS when you kill helpless vendor and quest-giving NPCs.
This time around we're going with a free website from Guild Portal, so stop by our completely uncustomized website and say hi sometime, assuming anybody is actually there to say hi back!
You can also find us in-game, just search for Order of the Brew and send a message to whoever is online, usually me, Little!
The guild is in the Looking for Guild list, but is that even a thing? Does it work? Anyways...
If you're looking for a social guild, and you want to help contribute to said social guild by being social, then contact us somehow! Looking forward to all the good times.
-Order of the Brew


WoW Staff Writer | WoW Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Good luck with your search! Hope you enjoy WoD together.