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<ONE> Horde Firetree 25m - Base of Operations for US-based Stratics!


WoW Staff Writer | WoW Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Guild Name: <ONE>
Raid Size: 25
Realm: Firetree [PvP][H]
Server Timezone: EST
Raid Schedule: Tuesday-Wednesday 7pm-11pm [EST]
Guild Master: Metrolol
Officers: Junoah, Diabolical, Faldor, Infective, Rawriör, Dioxx.
Website: http://one-guild.guildlaunch.com
<ONE> (H) is currently recruiting all exceptional players interested in End Game PvE content in Mists of Pandaria!

ABOUT US: <ONE> is a fun & focused PvE Progression Raid Group for adults who enjoy Raiding without the 4-6 day raiding schedule (we do it in 2 days). <ONE> is filled with exceptional active players and a fair performance driven approach to leadership. <ONE> has been a top guild on Firetree for a while and we plan on staying there.

We have long been interested in promoting our group through various social medias, and through this have come to enjoy the membership of Jesse Cox, youtube personality, as well as Syiler, managing editor of WoW.stratics, as well as co-owner of AcegamesTV! We considering our group fun and active within the WoW community and participate in podcasts, video series, and other promotional events.


[ 4.1]
7/13 Heroic.

7/7 Normal.
6/7 Heroic.

8/8 Normal
8/8 Heroic

4/6 H Mogu
2/6H Heart of Fear

4/4 Terrace (1/1 Elite)

12/12 Throne of Thunder
10/13 Heroic!

14/14 Siege of Orgrimmar!
11/14 H SoO!


Apply @ One-Guild.Guildlaunch.com

When you reach the website please look for the link on the left side bar. It will say "Click to Apply" This will give you the formatted application.


WoW Staff Writer | WoW Moderator
Stratics Veteran
We also encourage anyone who is friends of the channel or of stratics to join as a social member! Great place to call home if you have no other for WoD release!